Success Story

LeatherUP Improves Post-Purchase Experience & Earns New Sales is an apparel company that set out with the goal of bringing affordable leather jackets to people online.


New sales generated with UpOrder

LeatherUP is one of the largest importers of leather and motorcycle goods in the US, with a very successful online store — averaging a little over a million visitors a month.

Reinforced by their philosophy of providing customers a better quality for less, they’ve become a prime example of maximizing a niche. That’s where Patrick comes in. He sits at the intersection of marketing, and growth — as a strong believer in using technology to help scale businesses, he makes great use of the apps within the Shopify ecosystem — including UpOrder.

Why use UpOrder?

Patrick’s primary focus is to help cultivate customer loyalty throughout their post-purchase experience. Prior to using UpOrder, LeatherUP was using a combination of the default Shopify notifications paired with newsletter campaigns through Klaviyo.

Patrick wanted to further optimize the default Shopify notifications for better customer experience and for new sales so he set out to find a solution that allows him to fully brand transactional emails and include incentives to keep customers coming back. He decided to go with UpOrder because of their proven success and white-glove service which saved him time.

“Everything was set up, without us having to think about it.” Patrick wasn't able to find anyone else that provided this simplicity — while providing a user-friendly dashboard to track key metrics ie. insight around transaction email performance, sales generated, cart recovery rates, and more.

LeatherUP now has email templates with embedded marketing components, which helped monetize their post-purchase experience.

Using UpOrder

Since upgrading post-purchase emails from the default Shopify notifications to on-brand and sales optimized emails,  LeatherUP generated 4X more engagement from their existing customers and has generated $160,000 in additional revenue within just two months.

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