About Us

Independence has arrived.

Pantastic is on a mission to give indie brands super powers. It’s easier than ever to start an ecommerce business but harder than ever to scale.

At Pantastic, we understand that most small independent brands are having a hard time building sustainable growth and scaling. Some people are already beginning to give up, and we don't want that to happen.

Our Leadership Team

Scott Rafer

CEO & Co-founder

Michelle Kim

Go to Market Leader
& Co-founder

Tom Cole

CFO & Co-founder

Why shop indie?

Make no mistake: indie brands are shaping the future. Free from corporate control and unattached to past precedent, independent brands are rewriting the rules of eCommerce.

They’re bringing beauty to categories defined only by function, affordability to products long out of reach, and sustainability where waste runs rampant.

Together, indie brands are disrupting the marketplace. And we’re helping them do it.

Power to the makers,
Team Pantastic

We created Pantastic to give indie brands
super powers.

Join our team and be Pantastic