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Reach new shoppers searching for
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  • Gain access to a network of passionate consumers who use their purchasing power to support independent brands.
  • Seamlessly connect your brand to the Pantastic Shoppe and manage your products with just a few clicks.

Increase brand awareness & get discovered by new customers.

  • Create an extension of your online store—add your logo, lifestyle images, brand story, and mission to your dedicated Brand Page.
  • Stand out to purpose driven shoppers; select from 20+ searchable traits that apply to your Brand Page.
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Drive new sales with a cost-efficient acquisition channel.

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  • Earn new revenue with a scalable channel; only pay when one of your products is sold on the Pantastic Shoppe—no hidden fees.
  • Track earnings, view new orders, and understand new growth using your Brand Dashboard.

After joining the Pantastic Shoppe, we saw new sales come in within the first month! It gives us an efficient channel to sell our unique products.”

- Stephanie, Founder at The Luminary and Co.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get paid and when?

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Who pays for shipping?

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