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How Stash Tea Generated 10% of Their Sales Using UpOrder

Stash Tea transforms their post-purchase emails into new sales opportunities and positive brand touchpoints.


Of Total Sales Earned Were From UpOrder

Stash Tea was founded in Portland, Oregon in 1972 as a specialty tea company with one goal, to source wonderful blends and unique teas from all over the world — and it’s safe to say that the founders have succeeded.

Fueled by their passion to provide wonderfully flavourful journeys led them to the world of e-commerce. The Director of Consumer Sales at Stash Tea, Tricia Caldwell, currently oversees the company’s online store and previously managed retail locations for Stash Tea.

Here’s what Tricia had to say about the transition, “It’s been a challenging and growing experience,” she mentioned, due to their small team, but their new partners gained through the Shopify ecosystem, including UpOrder, have been there to provide recurring support as they scale.

Why use UpOrder?

Since Tricia manages both digital, and retail locations — it was important that the customer experience remained consistent regardless of whether a purchase was made through an online, or offline touchpoint.

Quickly understanding the limitations of the default Shopify notifications, Tricia realized that they required a solution that could help them customize these transactional, and follow-up emails to match their branding and even monetize them via product recommendations, discount codes, and referrals to generate repeat purchases.

All of which UpOrder was able to fulfill while addressing the blindspot left by Shopify — providing granular analytics around these emails.

As Tricia’s philosophy is, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” and at UpOrder we strongly agree with that sentiment.

Using UpOrder

Just within their first few weeks of use, Stash Tea was able to generate new sales and see a positive ROI by transforming their transactional emails.

Once Stash Tea activated their win-back campaigns and bolstered their abandoned checkout series, on top of the one sent by Shopify, they were able to more than double their return on their investment by marketing to this captive audience. 

With UpOrder, Stash Tea saw:

Total Open Rate
Unique Open Rate
Click Through Rate

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