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Assouline Drives Repeat Purchases From Multiple Stores With Spently

Learn how Assouline has driven repeat purchases to multiple stores through UpOrder, totaling $133,000 in additional sales.


New Sales Generated From UpOrder

Assouline is a brand focused on culture and creating everything you could possibly need to curate your perfect library. They have been using UpOrder since May 2018 and now have us installed on three stores.

The brand launched in the mid-90s and have continued to grow ever since. By focusing on their passion for books, they have changed the world of coffee table books forever. Assouline has gone from strength to strength and has been featured in the London Evening Standard, Departures and New York Observer.

Megan, our point of contact at Assouline, is the brand’s Marketing Manager who oversees the store’s online development and day-to-day activities. Megan mentions that a solution with dynamic product recommendations was paramount for Assouline. She was unable to find anything which was easy to use and provided the right information to Assouline’s customers. This is where UpOrder has helped Megan and the team at Assouline.

Why use UpOrder?

Megan highlights that customers are very visually motivated when it comes to recommendations and being able to display these with ease in their transactional emails was a benefit of using UpOrder. With their best-selling products being refreshed every 4 hours Megan began to see an increase in upsells.

Another aspect that resonated with Megan was once the templates were set up, they would send automatically to customers through prompts in Shopify. By replacing the store notifications in Shopify to ensure no duplicate emails are sent to customers has allowed her to focus on other avenues to help Assouline grow. The builder itself also allowed the Assouline team to make any changes to the emails with ease.

Assouline has generated over $133,000 from their store notifications since installing UpOrder on their US store. With this success from their first store, Assouline has added Spently to their EU, and most recently, wholesale stores. Megan is extremely excited for their B2B expansion and Spently is giving them a great platform to build.

Using UpOrder

The Assouline team set up their first store and were able to easily mirror their store design to a tee. This was super important to the team over at Assouline as they had not experienced this amount of customization using other apps. However, as the brand was continuing to grow Megan was able to rely on UpOrder's merchant success team to get Assouline’s two additional stores set up.

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