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Hat Heaven Boosts Customer Retention

Learn how Hat Heaven keeps customers coming back and buying more.


New sales generated

Hat Heaven is a Shopify brand based in New York. It is a family business that was started in 1986 by Brian's father under the name "Caps Unlimited" in the Bronx. In early 2018, Hat Heaven launched their eCommerce store.

Brian reached out to a leading digital agency, Roswell Studios, in New York to build his online store and advise on growth strategy.  Nihar Kulkarni, Roswell's Managing Director, recommended UpOrder as an essential customer retention tool that would help drive repeat sales by optimizing transactional emails.

Why Use UpOrder

Before UpOrder, Hat Heaven was using the default templates for his transactional emails which were basic and could not be customized to match the brand’s voice or visual identity. They also had low functionality, with no opportunity to further engage the customer.  “Customers didn’t get excited about the purchases they had just made and having excitement is an important part of the journey”. UpOrder empowered Brian and Hat Heaven to stand out and generate over $200,000 in new sales.

By including dynamic product recommendations, personal discounts, and improving the look and feel, customers purchased more products and came back consistently.  

As Brian mentioned, his customer base is always looking for the latest trends and fashions. Being able to display Hat Heaven's most popular collection from his store in their transactional emails was contributing towards additional repeat purchases. By customing email banners to feature more popular products they saw increased clicks that lead to more conversions.

"UpOrder gives me a really big edge and helps maximize my efforts. Transactional emails are really a portable storefront that ends up in people's inboxes."

- Brian, President

Of the experience working with UpOrder, Brian shared, “It’s comprehensive, adaptive, and personal. I would recommend UpOrder because they tailor what you are looking for no matter what industry you are coming from, which is huge. It’s something every business needs in order to increase success.”

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