Why Shopify Email Notifications Are The Most Valuable Email Channel

Are you looking for an automated way to quickly increase your Shopify store’s revenue with no ads?

The solution has been right in front of you the whole time — using your Shopify email notifications as a sales channel.

Your customers are already receiving these transactional emails and opening them at a much higher rate than traditional emails like newsletters.

Make the most out of your high open rates and include recommended products for an easy upselling or cross-selling opportunity.

Additionally, optimizing your automated Shopify email notifications can improve your customer retention, drive repeat purchases, and can be used to promote your company’s social media profiles.

Don’t miss out on another sales opportunity by sending boring Shopify email notifications again. Learn how you can optimize transactional emails to become your most valuable email marketing tool.

How do Shopify transactional emails increase revenue?

Email marketing is the most effective marketing channel you have for selling more products online.

While social media and PPC ads are important, they’re nowhere as efficient or cost-effective as email marketing, which provides the greatest ROI of all marketing channels.

But getting people to open your promotional emails can still be a challenge, which is you should invest in optimizing your transactional emails instead. 

Compared to promotional emails, transactional emails have a 4-5X higher open rates, making them the most effective type of email marketing there is. 

Your customers are expecting to receive these emails so rather than sending them a standard email, it's better to take advantage of customer engagement and include customized product recommendations and limited-use discount codes in your transactional emails (that are already going out anyway) to make a quick and easy sale.

Why you should optimize your transactional notification emails

Did you know that simply adding your customer's first name to an email dramatically improved its performance by 20%

Now imagine the new sales possibilities of sending an entirely customized to each of your customers.

By customizing the entire notification email template sent to your customer, using their first name, including product recommendations, and branding, you can turn these traditional boring emails into a new, automated sales channel that earns serious money.

How are transactional emails different from commercial or promotional emails?

Transactional and promotional emails are both important tools in email marketing, however, there are key differences between the two.

Transactional emails are automated messages sent to a user after they’ve triggered a specific action, such as completing an order, requesting a new password, abandoning the checkout process, and more. The best part? No opt-in is required to send a transactional email.

Promotional emails are commercial emails sent in bulk to large email lists to drive sales or drive awareness around new products. Opt-ins are required to send commercial emails.

Whereas promotional emails are usually sent to a “Promotions” tab in a Gmail account, transactional messages are considered “Primary” mail.

Why should you optimize your Shopify notification emails?

Because transactional emails are considered primary emails, you’ll have better odds of success in promoting new products, over sending promotional emails.

Let’s examine other ways how Shopify notification emails can improve your overall email marketing strategy.

Drive new upsells and cross-sells

Shipping confirmation and order confirmation emails receive the highest open rates for Shopify email notifications. 

Optimize these emails by including product recommendations based on your individual customer’s sales history, so you’re only recommending the most relevant items they’re interested in.

Improve the customer’s experience

Keep your customers happy and updated through every stage of their ordering process so they have clear expectations, whether it’s informing them of their shipments delivery date, or notifying them of a delayed shipment.

Personalize your notification emails so your customer’s first name can be automatically added to the subject line and email body. It’s a nice touch that can improve open rates and give your customer a better experience than most generic email templates.

Increase repeat customers

You can incentivize your best customers to make a repeat purchase by including dynamic discounts and limited-use discount codes.

Did you know that by using UpOrder, you can create custom discount codes using your customer’s first name? 

Use their naturally higher click-through rates to your advantage

The average promotional email’s open rate is somewhere around 10%. Transactional messages have an open rate of about 80%!

Instead of sending out promotional emails that won’t get opened, devote more time to customizing and optimizing transactional email notifications to achieve more marketing goals such as:

  • Driving new sales, including upsells and cross-sells
  • Increasing your repeat purchase rates
  • Recovering sales from abandoned checkouts
  • Building a social media following
  • Referring new traffic to website’s blog page
  • Collecting user feedback and surveys
  • Creating referral systems

Improve your automated messaging

The best thing about Shopify email notifications is that they’re automated — once you’ve set up a Shopify notification email template, you can sit back and let the template do its magic every time a customer interacts with your store. 

Improve customer loyalty

Keep in mind that your customer’s journey isn’t over after they’ve purchased an item. 

If they’re happy with your product and service, they’ll be happy to continue hearing from you about new products that are available.

Continue sending post-purchase email notifications, such as replenishment emails, win-back emails, birthday greetings, and more to find new ways to engage your customers and bring them back to your store.

Over time, your customers will share their eCommerce experience with their friends and family, and refer new customers your way.

Try UpOrder — upgraded Shopify notification email templates

UpOrder is a Shopify app that gives you the power to optimize your transactional emails and e-receipts to drive more upsells and increase repeat customers.

Our analytics dashboard can provide insights into the performance of your Shopify notification emails.

You can finally measure open rates, conversions, abandoned checkout rates, and new revenue from these emails. 

See how UpOrder helped LeatherUp, a motorcycle apparel brand, drives repeat purchases and grows its brand.

Start your free 30-day trial today and see how UpOrder can help your Shopify store generate more revenue with upgraded notification emails.

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