New! Offer subscriptions as post-purchase upsells

We're thrilled to announce that Shopify named CartHook Post Purchase Offers one of the best apps for Shopify Plus stores! Why did they choose us? Because Shopify—the platform that has produced more than $314B+ in sales for over 1.7 million enterprise businesses—knows that CartHook's post-purchase upsells generate serious new revenue and AOV boosts for their enterprise customers.

Shopify defines their Plus certified apps as those designed to reduce complexity, so merchants can focus on growth, which is exactly what Post Purchase Offers was designed to do.

With our individualized post-purchase strategy consultations, support, onboarding, and resources for Plus merchants, CartHook makes it easy to get set up and see results fast. That's how we've helped Shopify stores generate more than $250M in post-purchase upsell revenue.

"CartHook has spent years working with large-scale, high-growth merchants to optimize their post-purchase upsells, and we're thrilled Shopify has recognized us as one of the key apps for making Shopify Plus stores successful," says Emily Foreman, CEO at CartHook.

CartHook Post Purchase Offers helps boost your revenue and AOV with real one-click post-purchase upsells between your checkout and thank you page, native to the Shopify checkout. On average, Shopify stores using CartHook see a 10% increase in their revenue. Some Shopify Plus stores have more than doubled their revenue with CartHook Post Purchase Offers.

CartHook's impact on Shopify plus brands:

  • Since adding CartHook, a non-alcoholic spirits brand had  a 137% increase in revenue due to their upsell funnels 
  • 8 months into using CartHook, a consumer electronics brand has experienced a 78% increase in revenue due to their post-purchase upsell offers
  • A luxury luggage company experienced a 58% increase in total revenue since launching 3 months ago, with a 36% conversion rate on their highest performing funnel

"Carthook has increased our AOV by 24%, says Benjamin Smith, founder of Disco Skincare for Men. "Every Shopify store should be using CartHook to increase AOV and LTV. Setting up a funnel takes 5 minutes and has easily been the most impactful change we've made to our Shopify store to drive revenue."

Merchants see an average 15% acceptance rate on their post-purchase offers, and part of that is because customers accept with just one-click—there's no need for them to re-enter payment or shipping info.

By triggering offers based on what the customer just bought, Shopify Plus stores can leverage their knowledge of their customers to deliver enticing offers, including offering a subscription as a post-purchase upsell.

And with support for high-converting features including ShopPay, merchants can rely on results.

Shopify Plus merchants customize offers to match their brand, one of the reasons Nik Sharma, CEO of Sharma Brands, says, "I love putting my brands on CartHook. There is no other app that makes it so easy to drive incremental revenue while maintaining brand loyalty."

And with so many ways to quickly implement different post-purchase upsell strategies, Shopify Plus merchants can quickly adapt to seasonal and inventory realities.

HydroJug Post Purchase Upsell
"We use Carthook in many different ways to help with our marketing objectives," says Hayden Wadsworth, CEO of HydroJug. "It is very useful for upsell items as well as sale items that we are trying to blow out. It is very easy to use and the analytics are great."

Out of thousands of apps in the Shopify ecosystem, only 75 are distinguished as Shopify Plus Certified apps. In this select group are these CartHook partners and collaborators:

"We're seeing great success with CartHook's post-purchase offers (+30% lift). The funnel was easy to implement and their team was very responsive when we reached out for guidance on best practices. Would highly recommend CartHook to any business looking to increase AOV." - Hope Health Supply

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