How to Upsell on Shopify with Just One Click

Online shopping is enjoyable for customers because they know they will probably leave your store buying more items than they originally planned. 

When entering your Shopify store, many customers keep an open mind for product recommendations and upsells because they know they will probably get a few good deals, and are excited to see new products.

In this article, we’ll discuss the power of the one-click upsell, a feature that allows you to suggest one or two last-minute product suggestions to customers after the checkout page, without the risk of cart abandonment.

How does a one-click upsell work on a Shopify store?

A one-click upsell, known as an upsell funnel, is a limited-time, last-minute product suggestion placed at the very end of the checkout process. It appears right after the checkout page as a pop-up window with a product recommendation and a headline such as “Last minute offer! Add a bracelet for 50% off!” 

With just “one click” your customer can quickly accept or decline their offer to add another product to their cart’s order — increasing their average order value (AOV) and boosting your revenue.

If they choose to accept the offer, they may be shown a secondary product upsell to see if they’re still interested in buying more. And, if they decline the first offer, you can show them another offer for one last upselling opportunity.

Once your customer accepts the post-purchase upsell, their product(s) will be added to their existing order, before taking them to their final order confirmation “thank you page.”

One-click upsell funnels for up to two product recommendations

Using a Shopify app such as CartHook, Shopify merchants can set up multiple post-purchase upsell offers known as “upsell funnels” using criteria such as order values and product selections as triggers to recommend the most relevant products as targeted one-click upsells. 

In addition, CartHook allows up to 2 post-purchase offers for each sale, giving Shopify merchants two more opportunities for every shopping cart transaction to make an additional post-purchase upsell.

How the one-click upsell increases average order value

The average Shopify merchant spends more money on acquiring customers through online advertisements than what they’ll make back in their first sale — resulting in a $29 net loss per transaction.

However, through customer retention strategies and upselling, many Shopify merchants can offset rising customer acquisition costs and win back customers to drive profitable business growth.

Did you know that repeat customers spend on average around 67% more than first-time customers? Part of this is because repeat customers are more receptive to upselling and cross-selling than new customers.

Using CartHook’s analytics dashboard, Shopify merchants can A/B test their one-click upsell funnels and analyze their conversion data to see which post-purchase offers are the most effective.

Conversion rate metrics are displayed for each upsell funnel so you can see which products have the highest acceptance rates, and which don’t — so you can optimize your upsells for maximum conversion rates.

One-click upsell placements: pre-purchase or post-purchase?

One-click upsells are frequently used during the pre-purchase stage, while customers are browsing items, or post-purchase, immediately following the checkout page.

Easy pre-purchase upsells and cross-sells on your website

One simple cross-selling method that requires no coding is simply adding bundled products to existing product pages.

For example, instead of just selling a one-pack of white shirts, you can add a 3-pack and 5-pack version on the same product page, giving customers an easy “one-click” option to quickly multiply their order amount. 

Pre-purchase apps for your Shopify store

Other times while shopping, a pre-purchase pop-up window will appear after your customer has added an item to their cart, showing them other related products they may be interested in adding with a click. 

However, adding too many pre-purchase upsells and pop-up windows may turn your customers away, as it complicated the checkout process. This is why we believe post-purchase offers are superior for boosting average order values.

The benefits of placing a one-click Shopify upsell after purchase

At CartHook, we believe that using post-purchase one-click upsells is the preferred option. Why? Because there’s absolutely no risk of cart abandonment! 

Essentially, your customer has already placed their order, and you’re simply asking them “Wait! Are you interested in buying this item too? It will complement your order.” If they accept the offer, then you can show them another product recommendation for another upsell opportunity.

If your customer declines their one-click offer, their order will still be placed, and you haven’t risked losing a sale.

Additionally, even if a customer declines your upsell offer, the conversion data collected from your transactions will help you fine-tune your one-click offers, so you can find better product recommendations to try out. 

This way, the next time your customer places an order, they may be more inclined to accept the one-click offer.

How to create a one-click upsell that your customers will click “Yes, buy now” 

Adding the one-click upsell post-purchase is a frictionless way to potentially add two more recommended products to your customer’s shopping cart — but only if the upsells are relevant.

In the beginning, you may be tempted to just create two product recommendation funnels to use for all store transactions. 

This will essentially recommend the same two products to each of your customers at the end of their checkout. And this strategy can work if you have a hot-selling item or an overstocked piece of inventory you’re trying to get rid of.

However, over time you will benefit by creating dozens or hundreds of different product funnels, each with its own triggering criteria so your product recommendations can become truly personalized for each of your customers every time they shop at your store.

In general, follow these tips to craft more compelling and irresistible one-click offers:

  • Recommend the same product they just bought, but at a discount
  • Use a countdown timer in your offer to create a fear of missing out (FOMO)
  • Use high-quality product photographs, including a 360° product view
  • Offer seasonal product recommendations
  • Show customer’s reviews for the recommended product as social proof
  • Show personalized offers based on the customer’s previous shopping history
  • Offer a product subscription for a discounted price

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