How to Select the Best Upsell App on Shopify

The constant challenge of running a Shopify store is finding new ways to upsell and cross-sell more products to customers effectively (and without annoying them)  — by recommending personalized product suggestions and limited-time deals.

Even though Shopify’s store builder comes equipped with hundreds of built-in features, it relies on third-party Shopify apps to act as plugins to enhance certain store features, such as adding post-purchase product recommendations and one-click upsells.

Store merchants use Shopify upsell apps such as CartHook to quickly and easily add more products to their customer’s carts using a “one-click upsell” feature that creates a frictionless way to add another product or two to their existing order after checkout.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to select the best upsell app for your Shopify store, and list out the most important features to create post-purchase upsell offers.

What is an upsell app for Shopify?

An upsell app is a plugin that integrates with Shopify’s platform to show recommended products and product upgrades so shoppers will spend more money and increase their average order value (AOV).

There are currently numerous upselling apps for Shopify that can place product recommendations, cross-sells, and upsells throughout the entire shopping process, from the pre-purchase stage to the post-purchase stage.

For example, if your customer is browsing products on your Shopify store and adds an item to their cart, they may see a pop-up window recommending related products. This is likely the work of a 3rd party pre-purchase upsell app integrating with the Shopify site.

Or, if your customer sees a one-click upsell offer after their checkout page, but right before their final order confirmation page, this is an example of a post-purchase upsell app, such as CartHook.

Why are Shopify merchants using upsell apps?

No matter the size of the Shopify merchant, everyone has the opportunity to increase their average order value with the sale of additional products. 

However, because ecommerce merchants are spending more money acquiring customers than in the past, they depend on upselling strategies to boost their AOV and offset rising digital advertising costs.

Today, more Shopify merchants are looking for upselling apps to find clever and subtle ways to cross-sell more products and increase their customer’s shopping cart values throughout the buying process. 

How do I choose the best upsell app for my Shopify store?

Shopify’s app store is filled with tons of third-party specialty apps that enhance a particular feature of the buying process — from transactional email design template builders such as UpOrder, to one-click upsell funnels.

Here are a few criteria to help you select the best app for your Shopify business needs.

Customer support

Setting up an upsell app in your Shopify store is actually quite simple and requires no coding! 

However, that doesn’t mean it will always be smooth sailing. Sometimes technical issues may happen, and in those instances, you’ll want to work with an app company that offers customer and chat support so you can quickly diagnose and fix the problem.


Ideally, the upsell app you select should be fairly easy to navigate and learn without having a steep learning curve. Also, look for YouTube channels and company blog pages that offer helpful tutorials that are up to date to assist you while you learn the new platform.

Try an easy, no-coding upsell app such as CartHook to get your upsell funnels up and running the same day. 

By using CartHook, you can boost your AOV by 10% with a post-purchase acceptance rate of 15%!


The price point for upselling apps needs to be just right so Shopify merchants are earning back much more revenue than what they’re spending monthly.

Often, upsell apps will have different pricing tiers so merchants can select the monthly subscription model that fits their exact needs.

Luckily, Shopify’s app store features many upsell apps that have free trials, so you can download and start designing one-click funnels immediately

Reviews and ratings

When it comes to apps, popularity really counts as a form of social proof. Look for upsell apps that have earned a high rating with a high review count.

Also, try to work with companies that have been established for at least a few years for greater reassurance that they can become a long-term partner for your company. 


Compare each upsell app’s features to gauge whether it’s the right app for your Shopify store. 

For instance, do you plan on placing product upsells during the shopping process (pre-purchase) or after the checkout process (post-purchase)? 

There are whole apps dedicated to just pre-purchase upsells and post-purchase upsells, so make sure you understand where you plan on placing the upsell on your store.

Also, compare upsell apps features such as:

  • The maximum amount of upsell funnels
  • Levels of upsell customization
  • Built-in analytics and monitoring
  • Tracking and monitoring average order values (AOV)
  • Monitoring conversion rates
  • Triggering offers and product recommendations based on shopper’s purchase history

Comparing the Shopify upsell apps — CartHook vs. Zipify OCU

CartHook and Zipify OCU are some of the top names in upselling Shopify apps. Both apps help Shopify merchants boost their AOV and drive product upsells.

However, when comparing the two against each other, CartHook outperforms Zipify OCU in several ways:

  • CartHook’s installation and setup are much easier and faster, giving merchants the ability to try out upsells the same day as installation
  • CartHook’s subscription integrations further boost customer’s AOV and lifetime value (LTV)
  • CartHook’s analytics page offers more insights and data than Zipify
  • CartHook’s offers A/B testing for true optimization

Download CartHook — the best Shopify upsell app

CartHook is a post-purchase upsell app for Shopify stores that quickly boosts AOV by 10%!

Using CartHook allows Shopify merchants to place post-purchase offers immediately after the checkout page that customers can accept or decline with just one click — with zero risk of cart abandonment! 

Shopify merchants who used CartHook saw an acceptance rate of 15% for their post-purchase upsell offers.

Download your free trial of CartHook today and get your one-click upsell funnels up and running today.

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