The 11 best Shopify apps for boosting conversion rates

Having a lot of website traffic to your Shopify store is nice, but if site visitors aren't sticking around, and aren't converting, then what good is it? The truth is, a high traffic count without conversions is more of a vanity metric than anything. Regardless of whether your Shopify store has an average amount of traffic, or a great deal of it, your conversion rate is the real indicator of success.

Unfortunately when conversions aren't high enough, many Shopify store owners don't quite know how to increase them. The good news is there are many apps available in the Shopify App Store to help your store succeed by driving conversions.

What is the average Shopify conversion rate?

Back in 2019, research conducted by revealed the average Shopify conversion rate to be:

  • 0.9% on mobile
  • 1.4% on desktop

To reach the top 20% of Shopify stores, your ecommerce platform needs a 2.2% mobile conversion rate and a 3.1% desktop conversion rate.

The 11 best Shopify conversion rate apps

Boosting your conversion rates is tricky, especially if you don't know where to start. There are many possible reasons why your conversion rates are low, and they're not always easy to identify. The first step to improving your conversion rates is to get more traffic. As you get more visitors and see why they’re not converting, you can leverage that data to improve your landing pages, ad targeting, and website personalization to improve conversions.

Fortunately, there are some powerful Shopify apps readily available to help you boost conversion rates. Let's see how each one performs.

1. LimeSpot

Shopify website personalization

What LimeSpot does:

LimeSpot is a suite of personalization tools on Shopify. These advanced range of ecommerce personalization solutions are focused on personalized recommendations and more. LimeSpot’s tools learn about your customer base and their interests to help better drive segmentation and, ultimately, conversions.

How LimeSpot improves conversion rates

LimeSpot helps Shopify merchants increase their conversion rates by 2-5X. It's the best Shopify app to drive conversions.

Personalized shopping experiences: LimeSpot lets you personalize the buying experience from each shopper, facilitating customizations at every touchpoint. Whether you need to create a unique experience on the homepage, checkout page, or target your audience post purchase, LimeSpot adds a personalized touch at each stage. You can use visuals, CTAs, and images to guide your audience along their buyer's journey.

Data-driven segmentation: Modern marketing is all about segmentation, because customers have their own behavior, interests, and spending patterns. With LimeSpot's intellegent segmentation, you can target customers with personalized recommendations that are relevant to their interests and buying patterns.

2. Nudgify

Nudgify shopify app

Nudgify's purpose is hinted at in the name - it 'nudges' your prospects gently into converting. What are these nudges? Well, they can be customer reviews, recent sales, or even low-in-stock labels displayed alongside products.

How Nudgify drives conversions:

Nudgify helps Shopify merchants drive conversions by using social proof. You can use the app to share what others are saying about a product they loved, to encourage new prospects to convert.

Nudgify offers many more features that help drive conversions. For example, a 'low in stock' indicator can encourage impulse buying by creating a sense of urgency.

3. Candy Rack – One Click Upsell

Candy Rack Shopify App

Candy Rack is a product marketing platform that uses cross-sell and upselling techniques to increase your ecommerce store's AOV (average order value). Candy Rack comes with round-the-clock customer support, a sleek design, and a user-friendly interface.

How Candy Rack drives conversions:

Candy Rack helps increase conversions by adding valuable suggestions to a customer's order. The application upsells shoppers by encouraging them to upgrade the product they've picked to one that offers more value.

4. Stamped

Stamped Shopify App

Stamped is a social proof & loyalty program application that helps ecommerce merchants increase customer engagement and customer lifetime value. The data-driven marketing solution has a Basic Plan for just $19, but more robust features come with the Business Plan and above.

How Stamped drives conversions

Stamped drives conversions in the same way most social proof and rewards applications do, except it gives you the best of both in one app. You can increase your social proof by displaying reviews and increase your visibility through customer referrals. The result is high conversions.

5. Malomo

Malomo Shopify App

Malomo takes a unique approach to marketing, empowering merchants to advertise at a less-obvious stage of the customer journey - during shipment tracking. According to Malomo, customers check their shipment tracking 4.6 times on average. This presents a unique opportunity to upsell products to customers - which is precisely what Malomo does, helping to boost customer retention rates.

How Malomo drives conversions

Malomo drives conversions by optimizing your customer's post-purchase experience. The ecommerce solution offers personalized recommendations for upselling through branded tracking packages. You can use Malomo to create custom emails and shipment tracking pages to encourage post-purchase sales in a subtle way.

6. Privy

Privy Shopify App

Privy comes with pop-up features and email marketing functionalities to retarget customers and deliver email marketing campaigns. The platform is highly customizable and allows merchants to add page rules and triggers to each message.

How it drives conversions

Privy uses pop-ups and fly-outs to increase conversions while consumers are still on your site. Showcase discounts or promotions with Privy's features, or retarget users later with an email campaign to boost sales. You can also integrate Privy with recommendation tools like LimeSpot to serve up personalized product recommendation pop-ups.

7. Smile Rewards

Smile Rewards Shopify App

Smile Rewards lets Shopify merchants set up referral programs, loyalty systems, and rewards programs to engage your customers. The platform customizes each program by considering the size, business model, and industry of your brand.

How it drives conversions

Smile Rewards lets merchants gamify their stores to encourage engagement and increase customer loyalty. With referral programs, merchants can offer referred prospects discount codes to encourage conversions, and rewards to existing customers to encourage loyalty.

8. Growave

Growave Shopify App

Growave is a social proof and customer loyalty application that combines different features to encourage customer engagement. Growave offers many of the functionalities of similar apps, all in one platform. The platform also has excellent customer support and rich documentation.

How Growave drives conversions

Growave integrates seamlessly with your business social media accounts, allowing you to effortlessly import reviews and list them on your site. The platform provides rewards features and email automation functionalities to engage users post-purchase. This helps maintain customer loyalty and increases the average lifetime value.

9. OptinMonster

OptinMonster Shopify App

OptinMonster is a message builder and optimization platform. Merchants can use its wide range of features to segment their audience and drive more targeted messaging. The message builder is exceptionally versatile, making it easy for Shopify merchants to effortlessly design custom messages.

How OptinMonster drives conversions

OptinMonster uses pop-ups to target triggers and respond to your customers' behavior. This helps merchants run more personalized targeting campaigns.

10. Yotpo Reviews

Yotpo Reviews App

Yotpo Reviews is another social proof app, and its lowest-tier plan is available for free (it's actually one of the best free Shopify apps). The app integrates seamlessly with other platforms and lets you gather and display customer responses on your store.

How Yotpo drives conversions:

Yotpo allows Shopify merchants to display customer reviews in an appealing way on your product pages. Alternatively, you can use the platform to display reviews as pop-ups, or as part of your email campaigns.


Omnisend Shopify App

Omnisend is one of the best email marketing apps & SMS marketing solutions. The platform uses automation to drive sales across multiple channels, helping Shopify merchants improve targeting and maintain consistency in multiple channels. Omnisend has a user-friendly interface and a quick onboarding process to ease you in.

How Omnisend drives conversions

With Omnisend, Shopify merchants can provide consumers with personalized experiences through advanced segmentation and targeting. Customers are segmented on the basis of their shopping behavior and other key factors, and you can retarget them with personalized emails or SMS. Basically, Omnisend drives conversions with omnichannel customer engagement.

Start improving your conversion rates today

To grow your Shopify business sustainably, optimizing your conversion rate is vital. If you can get your mobile conversion rate up to 2.2% and desktop conversion rate to 3.1%, then your store will hit the top 20%. That's a good indication that you're set for success.

Optimizing your conversion rate can be challenging, but there are many industry-leading ecommerce solutions to help you succeed. With LimeSpot, you can revamp your customer's buying experience entirely and make it fully customized.

Get started with LimeSpot today to optimize your customers' experiences and drive conversions.

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