New! Shop Pay and other updates

Big news! Now Shop Pay, the world's fastest and best converting checkout on the internet, works with CartHook Post Purchase Offers!

What it means for you

Any time your customer checks out with Shop Pay, they'll be able to accept your CartHook Post Purchase Offers with one click. That means an instant AOV and revenue boost for every post-purchase funnel you've set live, when you have customers using Shop Pay.

Why Shop Pay works

Bottom line? It's seamless.

Shop Pay checkouts convert at a 1.72x higher conversion rate than the "regular" checkout (and 1.91x times higher on mobile). 

Shop Pay is an accelerated checkout experience that saves customers' shipping, billing, and payment info so subsequent checkouts are faster. Enabling Shop Pay in your Shopify store is the easiest way for repeat customers to sped through checkout. Bonus? For every order purchased through Shop Pay, Shopify offsets all delivery emissions.

Shopify Shop Pay

How to unlock new revenue

Try our free 14-day trial of CartHook and make sure Shop Pay is enabled in your Shopify store. 

If you run into questions along the way, contact our support team or visit our support center

Other powerful product updates

Shopify now supports Braintree, PayPal Pro, and PayFlow with CartHook Post Purchase Offers

This update means you can deliver post-purchase offers using all major payment providers.

If you're not using CartHook to deliver post-purchase offers, you're missing out on an easy way to boost your AOV! Remember: 

  • It only takes a few minutes to set up a high-converting post-purchase offer funnel
  • Stores using CartHook are seeing a 15% conversion rate
  • We're here help you optimize your post-purchase offer strategy 

If you want more info about how CartHook works with payment processors, check out this Help Center doc

Improved post-purchase offer tagging

Now, any time one of your shoppers accepts a post-purchase offer, your Shopify order will be tagged with ‘CartHook Post Purchase Offers Accepted,' so you can easily run reports directly in your Shopify dashboard to see how much additional revenue you're earning .

We'll apply this tag to past orders, too.

Translate offer pages into six languages

You asked for it, now you got it! Offer pages can be translated for French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and Portuguese stores. Insert your own translated copy on offer text components and we'll take care of the rest of the offer translation (button text, timer text, etc.). Preview your offer in multiple languages before you publish. Learn more here.

Translate CartHook offer pages into six languages

Please note, multi-currency is still not supported by Shopify at this time but stay tuned for updates!

Try a free 14-day trial of CartHook and start boosting your AOV in minutes.

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