Self Serve Product Update - February 2021

We hope that 2021 is treating you well so far. We’ve been heads down building new features and updates to the products you love. Whether you’re looking to improve your personalization experience or up your acquisition game, we’re here to help.


Boost ROI

Introducing LimeSpot Shopping Ads for Google

Introducing LimeSpot Shopping Ads for Google. It will help you easily and effectively run free ad listings and paid Smart Shopping campaigns across Google that showcase your products to the right audience. Here’s how it works:

  • Easy feed management: LimeSpot Ads takes care of creating and updating your full product feed, so that your catalog is available in Google to be featured in free listings and paid campaigns.
  • Enhanced listings: LimeSpot Ads improves your products’ discoverability and performance by adding data-driven product attributes and audience information from your store. That data makes Google targeting more effective.
  • High impact campaigns: LimeSpot’s data and remarketing data help you easily create your highest performing shopping campaigns. (ROAS) Install today from the Shopify or BigCommerce app stores.

Opportunity: We’re looking for 15-20 customers interested in allowing us to record their onboarding experience, in return for the first $1000 worth of ads free. Contact us at to participate.


External Website

Place your recommendation boxes on any site

If you have been interested in adding our Recommendation Boxes to websites outside of your own store URL, such as a tracking website or an appointment booking page, we have recently added support for this. LimeSpot now has the ability to:

  • Support multiple external websites even with similar page paths
  • Jump to an external website URL from within the Designer

    Not sure where to find this setting in the Designer? Just reach out to us at or through our in-app chat to get it set up!



Feature partner: PANTASTIC

Want to reach more buyers quickly and easily? LimeSpot has recently partnered with PANTASTIC, a marketplace of indie Shopify merchants focused specifically on millennials. Apply to join their network today.



Displaying bundles

Introducing a new product recommendation layout - the bundle! This feature was developed based on customer input. We’ve added a 3rd new layout on top of carousel and grid if you're looking to bundle together products on the cross-sell, frequently bought together, and related items recommendation boxes. And stay tuned for bundle discounting features, coming soon.


AB test

Compare A/B results to Google Analytics (Gold plan)

A/B testing analytics (Included in Gold and Enterprise) allows you to test and optimize placement types and locations in your store.

You can now export the results via a CSV file directly out of the A/B Testing Dashboard. Login to the LimeSpot Admin Panel and click on Analytics > A/B Testing to access this Dashboard. You will notice 3 dots on the far right next to each finished experience where you have the option to “Download Purchase Details”.

If you would like to sync the data directly to Google Analytics, follow these steps.



See more sales data in analytics (Gold plan)

LimeSpot Analytics is now better than ever. You can see your total refunds and total discounts for a given time period. Details include the total number of times a product has been refunded or discounted with the total refund amount and discount amount. You are now getting more data when you view your analytics so you can do better analysis on what is going on with your products and how LimeSpot is helping you with your sales. Welcome to a whole new Revenue Analytics Dashboard.


Try These Product Updates For Yourself!

Now that you have read through all our new product updates, go ahead and check them all out!

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