New! Customize second offers as upsells or downsells + more for BFCM

To help optimize your upsells for Black Friday Cyber Monday, here are three new ways to create highly customized post-purchase offers fast.

  1. Now you can display a second post-purchase offer based on whether your customer accepted or declined the first offer. That means you can tailor your second offers as upsells, downsells, or cross-sells. Learn more
  1. Love the setup of one of your post-purchase offers? You can now copy an offer and change JUST the product. This is a time saver! The design and settings of your offer will stay the same, but you can choose a new product. Learn more
  1. You asked for it and we heard you! Now you can copy an entire funnel (including all offers) with one click. After copying the funnel, you can also change the products associated with the offers. Then you can update the offer settings and design in any way you like.

Watch a video on how to use all these new features:

Stay up to date on all our product releases in our changelog.

We want to see your upsell funnels! Email us at to show us what's working. We might have some advice on ways to make them perform even better!

Finally, if you haven't attended one of our live webinars to learn more about post-purchase strategies, Shopify store optimization, and more, now's the time! Register for any upcoming event here.

Hope to see you there!

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