Product Update - May 2020

April was a big month on the development front. We’re excited to share that we've launched our first acquisition product: Email Personalization.  

Email Personalization is a powerful new way to reach your customers beyond your website. We've also rolled out a new A/B testing dashboard and made some tweaks to our Product Tool so you can search for products easier. Read on to learn more.


Introducing Email Personalization


In our effort to bring Personalization in all your interactions to your shoppers, we are working on new ways to deliver smart recommendations to different channels. As the first new feature in this area, we have built our new Email Personalization functionality which allows you to deliver LimeSpot Personalization on your emails. You can now provide targeted product recommendations, merchandise new collections and upsell/cross-sell products in post purchase emails. You have been personalizing your online store with LimeSpot. Why not personalize your acquisition and marketing initiatives as well!  

We have partnered up with all the major Email Service Providers to provide the same coverage on all their platforms. These include:

  • Klaviyo
  • Mailchimp
  • Omnisend  
  • SendGrid
  • HubSpot
  • Oracle Bronto
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify Emails

Try it out by going to your LimeSpot Admin Panel > Personalizer > Email Campaigns. Start creating some personalized email campaigns.


AB Test Dashboard

A More Advanced A/B Testing Interface

The A/B test feature is now more advanced than ever. When you create an A/B test, you are now able to specify the start and end date. You can also easily stop the A/B versions with just one click. The A/B test analytics also got updated where it gives you data on statistical significance of each version except for the controlled version. You can now feel more confident about the results when the statistical significance is more than 90% and see the results in an overview. Check it out in the LimeSpot Admin Panel > Analytics > A/B Testing.


Product Tool Search

Searching the Product Tool just got easier

Within the Product Tool, you can manually pick upsell and cross-sell products to each of your products and update the product information such as the product prevalence and product tags. Have more than ten thousand products? You can now find any product in the Product Tool by SKU, EAN or Barcode, in addition to product name, making it easier than ever to find your products in the Product Tool. Access the Product Tool in your LimeSpot Admin Panel by clicking under the Products tab.  


Try These Product Updates For Yourself!

Now that you have read through all our new product updates, go ahead and check them all out!

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