Product Update - March 2020

We are excited to share the latest Product and Platform updates, many of which come from direct customer feedback. Here are the 7 updates everyone has been waiting for.


Box Designer

Box Designer Customizations

We have unlocked some new customization features based on customer feedback in our Box Designer (our Native Virtual Editor).

These features will give you a more flexible environment to customize the LimeSpot components on your website. You can access most of these in the Global Settings.

  • Second Image on Hover. The product recommendations can now show a second image when the product is hovered over. This setting is available in the Image settings.
  • Add Vendor Names on the product recommendations. Some customers show the products' vendor names on their product list. Now, you are able to do this within the recommendation boxes as well by going adding a few CSS codes.
  • Swap the positions of the original price and sale price. Each theme of different online stores have different layouts for the price. This new setting is now available and easily changed within the General Settings of the Box Designer.
  • Customize 'Item Added To Cart' Notification. Our global customers with different language online store can now change the text of the Item Added To Cart Notification within the Extra settings in the Box Designer.
  • Adding Styles to the Typography of LimeSpot components. There are more settings in the Typography settings such as bold, italics and text transformation.
  • Edit the Sale Tag. The sale tag's default position is at the top right corner of the product image and it is usually rectangular. Now, you can change the position of the sale tag to be on the top left corner and you can make the shape of it to be circular as well.
  • Selection by Click. You can now select the recommendation box within the live preview of the Box Designer, an easier way to navigate through the Box Designer.
  • Improved box Deleting experience. We have heard all of you and we have made the removing the recommendation boxes easier and faster.

    You are now able to easily customize the recommendation boxes yourself in the Box Designer.


AB Test Dahsboard

*New* A/B Test Dashboard

Another exciting new feature is our A/B Testing Dashboard. Subscribers whose plan includes access to the A/B/n test feature can now see their results in a dedicated dashboard. With this you can easily see potential revenue, conversion rates, AOV, and more across experiences. It facilitates easy comparison between the A/B/m experiences and helps you understand how your store would perform if all the traffic is redirected to a particular experience. It is available under the Analytics tab in the LimeSpot Admin Panel. You can now optimize the LimeSpot product recommendations to your own store and easily see what recommendations work and what does not.



Accessing Profile Settings

We've added a new profile settings page, accessible from the top right corner of the screen and lets you directly change your password and update your personal information within the LimeSpot Admin Panel.


Administrators Settings

Multi-User Settings in Dashboard

Many of our larger clients need to be able to have multiple users to manage their settings and account with LimeSpot. The new Administrators page allows you to define and maintain multiple users within your account with separate login information. This new feature is available under Settings tab on the LimeSpot Admin Panel. In our future updates, you will also be able to limit the access of these accounts such as what features they can access, which areas of the admin panel can each administrator see, etc.


System Configurations

Adjusting Data Engine Weightings

This advanced feature gives you the ability to adjust the LimeSpot Data Engine specifically for your store, by setting different data processing (weighting) parameters. Enterprise clients can manually optimize the way LimeSpot processes their data for different purposes - for example, putting a heavier emphasis on purchases vs clicks in Most Popular box. Quite a few of our customers have asked this feature before and now it is here!


Admin Panel Navigation-1

Updated Admin Panel Navigation

We have now updated the admin panel's top navigation with drop-downs to let you navigate the LimeSpot features easier and faster while having more space for the pages that you are working on.


*New Pricing Plans*

We have heard from many of you that you'd like more predictable pricing vs our attribution model. Now, we are giving you tiered-based pricing where the fees are based on your store's GMV and have tiered volumes so that within a range, your fee doesn't change. We are introducing 3 plans: Silver, Gold and Enterprise. Our Silver Plan is designed to assist stores in their early stages of growth while our Gold Plan is for customers of any size who are looking for a richer Personalization experience. Enterprise plan is for larger customers who will receive more advanced features. For existing customers, switching is at your option; you are welcome to stay at your current model.

Depending on your size, you may have already received an email or in-app message from us about the new pricing structure. For those who have not yet received one, don't worry. We are reaching out in waves and will be in touch soon, or you can chat with us on the right bottom corner of the screen. You can also email us at


Try These Product Updates For Yourself!

Now that you have read through all our new product updates, go ahead and check them all out!

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