Product Update - June 2020

Can you believe we’re halfway through the year? We’re excited to share our latest LimeSpot product updates and launch our first integration spotlight with our friends at Omnisend. We’ve also pushed live improved analytics and some new features inside our admin panel, so keep reading to learn more about these updates.


Integration Highlight: Omnisend

LimeSpot Email Personalization 1

The newly launched integration with Omnisend enables you to maximize your email impact by seamlessly incorporating data-driven product recommendations in your campaigns. With LimeSpot and Omnisend you can create a unified customer journey across your site and email. The integration enables you to add product recommendations on post-purchase emails , abandoned cart emails, inspiration emails and other outreach campaigns. LimeSpot’s robust capabilities enhance email performance with products tailored to each user based on demographics, interests, shopping intent, and preferences.

Delight your customers with personalized email campaigns by going to your LimeSpot Admin Panel > Acquisition > Personalized Emails > Create Campaign > Omnisend.



Admin Panel: New Streamlined Navigation

With half a year down, we are slowly expanding our platform to help you in more areas of your business such as acquisition and conversion. We are slowly rolling out new features for helping your business in acquisition such as the Personalized Emails and in conversion such as Website Personalization, which is the LimeSpot recommendation boxes, and Upsell & Cross-sell features. We want to make sure that you find the different LimeSpot features easily once we release more features in the future and support how you use LimeSpot. See the new navigation by logging into LimeSpot and get a feel of how we made it more intuitive.


Batch Import-3

Batch Imports for Upsell & Cross-sell

Using our new batch import feature in the LimeSpot admin panel allows you to manually curate your upsell and cross-sell settings to show the products you specifically want to promote. Save time by just uploading a CSV file based on product SKUs or barcodes. You can learn how to prepare this file by checking out our knowledge base article. We hope you enjoy using this highly requested functionality!


Box Desginer-1

Admin Panel: New Streamlined Navigation

We have added some new customization features based on customer requests in our box designer. With the new streamlined navigation update, you can now access our box designer under the Conversion menu in the LimeSpot admin panel, called Website Personalization.

These features will give you a more flexible environment to customize the LimeSpot components on your website. You can access most of these in the Global Settings.

  • Add to Cart Behavior. To date, the default add to cart behavior has been to to reload the page. Now you can change the add to cart behavior to your custom site experience, whether that’s redirecting to the cart page, having the notification of item added, etc. You can change the behavior by going to the Global Settings, and under Quick Actions, choose from Reload Page, Go to Cart Page, or Notification Only on the Add to Cart Notification dropdown.
  • Add to Cart Confirmation Text. Our customers can now change the text of the Item Added To Cart Notification to include the name of the products being added to cart. Try typing “{items} added to cart” within the Quick Actions settings in the Box Designer.
  • Collection Fallback for New Arrivals on Home Page. You can now filter the New Arrivals box for a particular collection on the home page as well as other pages such as cart, 404, blog, etc.
  • View Orders By Recommendations. Sort your recommendation box types based on orders by going to the Recommendations Analytics under the Analytics tab in your LimeSpot admin panel. View by “Type” and then sort by “Buys” to see all the orders by recommendation types!
  • Box Title Alignment. You can now align the box titles center, left, or right with the upgraded Typography settings.
  • Typography in Mobile Settings. No more CSS is required to change the typography for mobile settings! Previously you were only able to alter the image settings on mobile, but now we have added an option to customize the typography too which can be found under Global Settings when you toggle to mobile view.  

    Give it a try yourself to personalize the recommendation boxes through the box designer.
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    Try These Product Updates For Yourself!

    Now that you have read through all our new product updates, go ahead and check them all out!

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