10 reasons to offer post-purchase upsells on Shopify for BFCM

Black Friday Cyber Monday is the most wonderful time of the year for Shopify stores. Online shoppers are looking for deals, which means new customers will come through your checkout for the first time, and loyal customers will stock up and share some of their favorite products as gifts.

Time to sit back and relax, right? We all know better than that. But what exactly should you be doing to get ready for BFCM 2021? Offer post-purchase upsells in your Shopify store.

The smartest thing you can do RIGHT NOW, is to optimize every part of your funnel, so you're ready when those shoppers start deal scouting. And your customer's checkout journey is a prime place to focus your attention.

Here at CartHook, we've spent years helping Shopify stores optimize the post-purchase space right inside their checkout. That's because we see the real impact of delivering real one-click offers after the checkout and before the thank you page—instant new revenue and a major boost to your AOV.

Post-purchase upselling is a strategy that works for Shopify stores of all sizes, in all phases of growth, and in nearly every vertical, especially during BFCM.

Here's why you should add post-purchase upsells to your Shopify store right now

1. Make the most of the post-purchase moment

A post-purchase offer comes at the perfect time, immediately after your customer has made their purchase and they're still in your store (not when they check their inbox). Not only do they trust you and your brand, they're excited about their purchase. For you, there's the reassurance of knowing that what you show them won't affect your initial conversion rate. They already bought.

Make the most of the post-purchase moment

2. Boost your AOV

It's no secret that the rising cost of acquisition is putting the pressure on every single Shopify store. Your AOV matters more than ever. CartHook Post Purchase Offers was designed to boost your AOV immediately. That's because your customer sees this upsell after the checkout and before the thank you page. That means they've already completed their purchase, but they haven't left your store yet. It's the optimal type to deliver an offer that will boost your AOV.

3. Connect with your customers

The moment after a customer buys something from you is a potent one. They trusted you enough to make the initial purchase and they're feeling that shopper euphoria and excitement about what they just bought. There's no better time to connect with them than right then, with a complimentary product or special discount that solidifies your relationship with them. Your offer could save them from shopping elsewhere for the milk frother they'll want with the espresso machine they just bought. Or offer them a t-shirt with your logo to go with the new backpack they just purchased.

4. Create new revenue for your store

Of course you're looking for ways to generate more revenue for your Shopify store. Every store owner and marketer is right there with you. What we know: stores making offers with CartHook see an average of 10% new revenue. In fact, some Shopify Plus stores have more than doubled their revenue with CartHook! Those are game-changing amounts.

5. Get set up fast

It's easy to add Post Purchase Offers to your native Shopify checkout. It's a no-code app, which means you don't need a developer to get started. Since everything is integrated with the Shopify checkout, you work with your existing Shopify products to create upsell funnels. And it's easy to copy offers and funnels then make small tweaks—time savers!

6. Create your upsell offers based on what they just bought

You don't have to play a guessing game when creating your post-purchase upsell funnels. Tailor each offer based on what your customer just bought, by cart value or products in the cart. And you can create offers based on product collections and tag criteria.

7. Customize offers to match your brand

Worried your post-purchase upsells won't match your brand? Each offer automatically inherits your Shopify theme, so offers become a seamless part of your checkout experience. And you can change copy, add emojis, and use our drag-and-drop editor to customize each offer for your customers.

Customize upsells to match your brand

8. No risk trial

You can try CartHook Post Purchase Offers for free for 14 days. Set up a few offers and see how they work for your store and for your customers. If at any point you want us to give your funnels a look, we're more than happy to jump on a call or a support chat right inside the app. We're here to help!

9. Track the results

See how your funnels are performing at any time in the CartHook dashboard, and watch your AOV rise as your revenue grows. You're going to want to see these metrics during BFCM.

Track your AOV results

10. Get expert guidance 

We've helped thousands of Shopify stores set up and optimize their post-purchase upsell strategies. Once you start your free trial, reach out to us for a free consultation. We'll let you know if you need more upsell funnels or if there are ways to create higher-converting versions of the funnels you already have running. We're here for you!

Want to learn more about how to boost your AOV this season? Curious how other Shopify brands are doing it? Download Your AOV-Boosting Playbook for free!

Happy BFCM! Let's do this :rocket:

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