4 ways to design Shopify post-purchase upsells that convert

If you've installed CartHook Post Purchase Offers and built a post-purchase upsell funnel, great work! 

Now, do you want to take your offers to the next level?

There are lots of ways to customize your offers using CartHook's drag and drop editor. But if your design team wants to customize even further, here's how to do it.

Post Purchase Offer design before and after

No-code design techniques to make your post-purchase offers pop

Want to make your post-purchase offer funnels pop? Follow along with this video to learn how to take your offers to the next level. 

4 ways your Shopify store can design post-purchase upsells that convert

  1. Update the style of your Shopify checkout
  2. Use editorial images exclusively for your offers 
  3. Add text and branding to custom offer images
  4. Add branded elements that increase conversions

Tip #1: Update the style of your Shopify checkout

Post-purchase offer pages automatically inherit your store's checkout style, colors, logo, etc. 

If your theme has a white background, consider adding a new hue. Adding a background color alone makes a huge impact on the look of your offers.

Learn how to change the style of your Shopify checkout.

Shopify checkout branding
Take a look at how the post-purchase offer for our test store, Canopy, fits with the store's overall branding.

Tip #2: Use editorial images exclusively for your post-purchase upsells

Upload an image that's exclusive to your post-purchase upsell funnel! (Images uploaded via CartHook's offer editor will only display on your post-purchase offer.) 

Post-purchase offers are triggered based on specific criteria (what the customer bought or didn't buy, tag criteria, value, cart count, etc.)—so you can create highly-targeted offers with unique images.

Post-purchase image ideas:

  • Show the initial purchase with the post-purchase product. Say your customer just purchased a large piece of luggage. Offer a smaller, carry-on sized piece of luggage as an upsell. Upload an image of both the initial, large piece of luggage, and the carry on, so your customer can see how perfectly they pair together!
post purchase bundle
Upload an image that shows the initial purchase plus the item you're trying to upsell. This gives your customer a clear picture of how well they compliment each other

  • Use an image to explain your offer. Say your customer just bought a 30-day supply of vitamin gummies and you'd like to upsell two additional 30-day supplies (at a discount). Upload an image that shows the customer's bottle PLUS two additional bottles. Pictures help to drive home the value of the deal. 

Tip #3: Add text and branding to your custom offer images

If your Shopify store uses specific font styles and colors (that aren't available in the post-purchase offer editor due to Shopify limitations), consider adding those branded elements to your post-purchase images. 

Try adding a headline within your image. You could even drag and remove your offer's pre-set text fields to keep all copy within the image. 

Post-purchase offer design

Consider using text to promote:

  • The deal or discount advertised in your post-purchase offer
  • Something seasonal 
  • The exclusive nature of the post-purchase offer 
  • How your offer enhances the initial purchase

No in-house designer? No Photoshop? Seriously, no problem. Use a free photo editing program, like Canva, to create your images. 

CartHook kPost-purchase offer design
Use a tool like Canva to edit and enhance your images. Then upload your design as your offer's "Product Image."  

CartHook Design Editor
Upload images, specific to your post-purchase offer, using CartHook's design editor. 

Image recommendations:

  • Size your top image to 1080px x 1300px. This is a good aspect ratio for mobile and desktop viewing. We recommend keeping the width at 1080px, but the height is more flexible. Keep in mind, the longer the image, the more your customer will have to scroll!
  • If you've added copy to your image (and anticipate shoppers checking out via mobile), set your image size to "Large" when uploading. Make a test purchase, to guarantee the font is legible on desktop and mobile devices. 
  • Save space and keep your Shopify site fast! Compress your image before uploading.

Post-purchase offer design before and after

Tip #4: Add branded elements that increase conversions

Interested in taking your offer designs up a notch? This video takes a deep into building three different types of offers

  1. The fully branded flyer
  2. Stacked social proof
  3. A stacked gallery (Plus a bonus floating image and drop shadow DIY!)

What other ways are you getting creative with the look of post purchase offers? Send me an email, I'd love to see your designs!

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