Top tips for improving your post-purchase one click upsell

Are top Shopify brands seeing great results from delivering one click post-purchase offers to their customers? The answer is yes! 

If you're ready to launch a post-purchase strategy that offers relevant upsells after the checkout and before the thank you page, start with a winning game plan. To see a 15% conversion rate on your offers (the average conversion rate for stores using CartHook Post Purchase Offers) take stock of your offer funnels to make sure they perform like winners. 

How to improve conversions

If you've adopted a post-purchase strategy, great work! Are you seeing a 15% conversion on offers? If not, a few simple tweaks to your funnels should unlock new revenue.

Are your upsells relevant?

Take stock of your current offers. 80% of customers want personalized offers, so make sure you present upsells that make sense. Post-purchase upsells take advantage of key data: what the customer just purchased.

"Personalization is a must," says CartHook CEO Emily Foreman. "Customers expect hyper-relevant recommendations and offers. If you target your upsell, you'll serve your customers and lock in customer loyalty." 

If someone just bought a snowboard, don't offer a basketball. If your customer just bought a few dollars worth of coffee, don't offer a $500 espresso machine. (Try a bag for the snowboard and filters for the coffee!) When you upsell wisely, you increase your AOV and improve the customer's experience.

Are you shying away from displaying too many offers for fear of annoying your customers? Don't sweat it! Post-purchase offers are displayed after they check out, when customers are feeling most euphoric and positive about your brand. Since they're displayed after the checkout event, post-purchase upsells won't impact checkout conversion rates. Plus, customers will only see a maximum of two post-purchase offers.

Keep it simple

Sometimes, the best strategy is to keep it simple! One of the top performing upsells is simply offering more of the same! Many store owners thriving with Post Purchase Offers see the highest success rates offering customers an additional item of what they just purchased. 

If your customer just purchased a lip balm, offer a second at a discount! 

Add one more item upsell

Offer a discount

Are you offering a discount? On the post-purchase end, we recommend offering a discount (even if you're a store that doesn't typically offer discounts). Position the post-purchase upsell as a super limited, one-time offer that's only available to your customers. 

If it's hard to stomach offering a discount, look at your margins and customer acquisition costs. We bet you'll increase volume and save money by offering a slightly discounted offer. Also consider that a higher cost item might need a higher discount. Our tip: If you have the margins, discounts could be worth the long-term investment.

One time upsell offer

Add a second offer

With CartHook Post Purchase Offers you can offer customers up to two post-purchase offers. Consider displaying a downsell (a lower priced item) as the second offer. If your customer accepts the first offer, we recommend showing them a second one-click offer!

Check your funnel priority

With CartHook Post Purchase Offers, you can set an unlimited number of funnels and manage their priority. A higher priority funnel will take priority over lower ones when it comes to what your customers see. For example, if a customer has several items in their cart that meet the display criteria of multiple funnels, they'll see the funnel you've set as the highest priority. 

CartHook funnel priority

Offer big ticket items

If your store sells higher price merchandise, don't be afraid to offer them to your customers post-purchase. You may see lower conversion rates, but you might also see a big boost to your AOV. (CartHook offers a 14-day free trial, so you can test lots of funnels and see what works!) 

ExoGun's found success offering their percussive therapy device as an upsell. Though their device sells at a higher price point ($599), many customers accept their post-purchase offer when presented with a 10% discount.

"CartHook is a great Shopify App that helped us increase our AOV by incentivizing customers to buy more post-purchase," says a rep from ExoGun. "The set-up is extremely quick and simple, and it also provides a seamless experience to the shopper. Post-purchase upsell has never been easier!" 

Other top performing strategies

  • Hero: If you have a best seller that your customers love, offer it! If customers love your store's lip balm, keep your post-purchase offer simple and display your best-selling balm. 
  • BOGO: Offer a second item of what your customer just purchased. Offer a second item of what your customer just purchased. Simplicity works!
Example of bogo upsell
  • Bundle: Offer socks if your customer bought shoes, or a case if they bought headphones. 
  • Volume: Offer a discounted item to customers who purchase multiple items.
  • Value: Offer a discounted item to customers who have a higher than average spend. If customers are shopping in bulk, reward their high volume spend with an additional discounted item.
Example of volume and value upsells
  • Inventory Management: Offer discounts on extra items in your inventory. Use this strategy to liquidate seasonal items, make room in your inventory, or to reduce stock before new products launch.
  • Samples: Promote new products, mini sizes, or other items that let your customer try something new. This method is a great way to introduce your customers to new products and boost LTV. Try offering a travel-sized version of the product they just bought, like a small bottle of CBD gummies in a different flavor from what they purchased? 
  • Gifts: Offer a free gift to customers when their order value is above a certain threshold who reach a certain threshold (and boost customer loyalty)! Try offering a sample packet of eye cream for $1 if they purchased $100 or more in skincare items. The sample won't give your AOV a huge bump, but it will be worth the effort if it creates a repeat customer!
Example gift upsell

Test, test, test

Use your CartHook analytics dashboard to see how your funnels are performing. Make small adjustments to test variables like:

  • Discounts displayed as a dollar amount vs a percentage off
  • Amount of discount
  • Funnel priority

Essential post-purchase funnel optimization checklist

If you fully optimized your funnels and are still not seeing conversions, double check these items:

  • Is "hide order if already in cart" toggled on? If this is enabled, the "more of the same" offer will never display. It only makes sense to toggle this on for items your customer would truly only ever buy one of. Possibly items like mattresses and equipment.
Hide offer if already in cart
  • Increase your number of funnels to ensure most orders see a post-purchase offer. The more people who see an offer, the greater your opportunity to see an increased revenue. 
  • Try adding a second post-purchase offer as an upsell or a downsell.
  • Change your offer design and CTAs
  • Test offers that display items from a different category as a downsell. This strategy can be tricky, because your offer still needs to maintain relevance. One good example: If your customer purchased sheets and declined the first upsell offer of pillow cases, use the second offer to display a downsell in a different category, like a candle. 

Get started

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