How your customer experiences post-purchase offers

At the heart of all your strategies—in the checkout and beyond—is your customer. That's why it's important to know how post-purchase upsells look and feel to your customer.

Once you understand what the customer experiences, you'll see why Shopify stores using CartHook Post Purchase Offers are seeing a 15% conversion rate on their offers!

That's straight up new revenue that doesn't require you to up your ad spend or risk any type of dip in your checkout conversion rate, which of course defeats the purpose of all the ways you optimized your checkout experience.

Post-purchase offers boost your AOV, which means you get more for your marketing spend. Who doesn't want an increase in their ROI and ROAS? We thought so.

And if you create great post-purchase offers, your customers will love you and become repeat buyers. It's a great way to bump up your LTV

Now that you know why so many Shopify stores are using CartHook, let's explore exactly what your customer sees when you deliver a customized post-purchase offer with CartHook.

Deliver the offer after they complete the checkout

When it comes to upselling, cross-selling, and downselling, you have options. You can deliver offers before the checkout, on the checkout, or, with post-purchase upsells, after the checkout.

After working with some of Shopify's largest brands over the years, we can confidently say that the post-purchase moment is a great time to deliver an offer. (Remember that 15% conversion rate.) Don't miss these tips for creating high-converting post-purchase strategies.

Why does it work so well? Customers feel euphoric from just having bought something they wanted (you know the feeling, we all know the feeling!). It's a moment when your customer trusts your brand. They're paying attention to what you have to say. They're primed for an offer tailored just for them.

Here's how that post-purchase moment looks in CartHook's test store, Canopy.

Here's what our customer sees before they check out:

They click "Checkout," then they see the "Information" page of the checkout, followed by the "Shipping" page, then the "Payment" page, which looks like this:

Now, it's post-purchase offer time!

After they click "Pay now," they see the offer:

Right at the top the customer knows they've paid for their order. (The Shopify-standard copy says, "You've paid for your order.")

But the headline tells them there's something else just for them! Because they just bought a plant, they can get another kind of plant at a deep discount.

How it works

With CartHook Post Purchase Offers, you can create your post-purchase funnel based on what your customer just bought. Decide when you want to display a funnel based on what they just purchased, the cart value, or the product count.

And you can customize the copy, layout, and image with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor.

Want to add a timer to increase a sense of urgency? No problem.

How about moving the "Buy Now" button above the product image? Yep, can do.

Every offer inherits your brand settings from Shopify, so you can feel confident the offer matches your brand (another reason our post-purchase conversion rates average 15%)

When customers accept the post-purchase offer

Yea! They said yes! When your customer clicks to accept the offer, they accept with one click. Because they already entered their shipping and payment info, there's no need for them to do anything else. It's just that easy!

You can decide to deliver a second offer in the same post-purchase funnel (the two-offer limit is imposed by Shopify).

If you want to let your customers choose the quantity, something you can do on the first or second offer in a funnel, the customer will see this drop down box. 

If you choose to show that enticing discount, they'll see it below the subtotal and above the total.

"Pay Now" sends them to your confirmation page:

At that point, your customer will receive two confirmation emails: one for their initial order and a second email for the edited order that includes their accepted post purchase offer(s).

How does it work? Since CartHook Post Purchase Offers is an extension of the native Shopify checkout, we combine the post-purchase offers with the initial order using the edit order functionality. Each post-purchase offer that's added to the original order is a separate transaction, so you can see them in the timeline section of the order in Shopify.

Learn more about third-party fulfillment, how we tag your post-purchase offers for easy tracking, and more about how CartHook works in this Help doc.

See what your customer sees

Want to see how your customer experiences the post-purchase funnel from start to finish? Watch this video on our YouTube channel.

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