How to Design the Ultimate One Click Upsell Funnel

How to Design the Ultimate One Click Upsell Funnel

Chances are you’ve encountered one-click upsell pages while shopping online, and you’ve probably even bought products that were recommended to you on these pages.

These one-click offer pages show on your customer’s screens right after they’ve finished checking out their order, but right before they see the “thank you” order confirmation page.

Essentially, using a one-click upsell page gives you one more opportunity to sell another item to your customer before they leave your store. 

And the best part is that there’s zero risk of cart abandonment and a strong likelihood of the customer accepting the offer, earning you more money per transaction.

In this article, we’ll discuss one-click upsells, how to install them on your Shopify account, and explain how they know which products to recommend to your customers.

What is a one-click upsell?

One-click upsells are post-purchase offer pages that are served to your customer immediately after they’ve completed their checkout, but right before they reach the final order confirmation page. 

Post-purchase upsell offers are also referred to as “post-purchase upsell funnels” because they create another avenue that your customer can take to make more future purchases from you.

One-click upsells are exactly that—one click. 

Your customer has the option to either quickly accept the product offer with a click to add it to their existing cart (remember, they haven’t fully checked out yet) or they can decline the offer.

If your customer accepts the offer, the recommended product will be added to their order, and then they’ll finally reach the “thank you” order confirmation page, with the new amount total already updated.

In the event that your customer declines the one-click offer, it’s no big deal. You can try A/B testing or recommend different products to improve your conversion rates.

What are the advantages of a post-purchase upsell offer? 

Post-purchase offers are referred to as “back end offers” because they’re product recommendations made after the first initial sale with a new customer.

Because it costs more today to acquire customers than ever before, Shopify merchants are looking for effective ways to increase average order values (AOV), even if it’s just selling one or two more products at a time.

Let’s take a look through the many advantages of setting up a post-purchase upsell page.

Increase average order value (AOV)

One-click upsell pages increase your customer’s average order value (AOV) by recommending just one or two carefully selected products based on their shopping history.

Because excitement is high after checking out, your customer will be more inclined to accept the offer. And because it only takes one click, all friction has been removed to make buying the extra product as easy as possible.

Most Shopify merchants see an average 15% acceptance rate when they implement CartHook one-click upsell pages, with a 10% boost in total revenue.

Zero risk of cart abandonment

You should be careful not to distract your customers with too many upsells and promotions on the Shopify checkout page—it could overwhelm your customers and lead to cart abandonment. 

Because a post-purchase offer shows a product recommendation after your customer has already checked out, there’s zero risk of cart abandonment. 

You have now presented an easy opportunity for more post-purchase upsells that your customers can accept or decline.

How do I set up a one-click upsell page on my Shopify account?

Luckily, Shopify allows merchants to use third-party apps to enhance their online stores, which can include one-click upsell pages, or optimized transactional email templates to send custom-designed shipping and order confirmations.

Let’s review how to set up a one-click upsell on your Shopify account dashboard.

Download CartHook to your Shopify account

  1. To add CartHook’s one-click upsell page to your Shopify app store, first start by downloading and installing a free trial of the app from Shopify’s app store.

Start creating your one-click post-purchase upsell funnel offers

  1. In your Shopify account dashboard, click on “Apps” and select CartHook.
  2. In the right-hand corner, select “Create Funnel” and give your new offer page a name, such as “Half off gloves with black shirt purchase” to help you keep track of your funnels. 

FYI: CartHook allows for unlimited funnels!

Begin customizing your specific post-purchase funnel

  1. Next, you can set the Display Criteria, which triggers which products are recommended based on the products in your customer’s shopping cart, or when their order value hits a certain threshold. 
  2. From there, you can customize your offer to include pricing information, such as the percentage off for your special offer.

Design your one-click upsell page’s look and feel

  1. Next, you can begin customizing your offer’s design, choosing background colors, banner sizes, and even an adjustable countdown timer to add a sense of urgency to drive upsells.
  2. Lastly, you can preview your offer to preview the offer from your customer’s perspective to make any last-minute tweaks to your offer page.

Using CartHook, you can select up to two product offers for your post-purchase funnels, although you can choose to select just one if you’d prefer.

How are recommended products chosen on the one-click upsell page?

There isn’t a one-funnel-fits-all approach to upselling more products on your Shopify store. 

In the beginning, you may wish to try out a simple one-click funnel page that just recommends your top-selling product at the moment.

However, it’s better to create several different funnel pages for your Shopify store so your targeting and upselling can be more targeted and personalized for each of your customers.

In your dashboard, you’ll be able to set up multiple funnels and customize each of their criteria that triggers recommended products based on your customer’s shopping cart.

These criteria and triggers can include:

  • Cart content
  • Specific products bought
  • Collections
  • Tags
  • Order values
  • Item counts

For example, you may wish to give special offers to customers who spend a certain amount on their order, giving them a specific percentage off their one-click offer.

Or if you’re trying to get rid of excess inventory, you may have a “half off gloves with $20 purchase” promotion to sell more gloves.

With CartHook, you’re able to set up A/B testing to experiment with different funnel variations to see which designs and deals rack up the highest orders, so you can continue increasing your AOV over time.

Download CartHook—boost AOV with one-click post-purchase upsells.

Try your hand at designing and building your own one-click upsell pages today using CartHook.

Download a free 14-day trial and see for yourself how many more product upsells you’ll make!

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