Hacks for this Black Friday: How to Get the Most Out of Your Transactional Emails

This holiday season, we want to help you take that initial spike in traffic from Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) and spread it out throughout the year — turning one-time customers into loyal, repeat buyers.

To do this, we’re going to turn to an underutilized sales channel — Shopify notification emails, or transactional emails. 

Did you know that transactional emails are opened 4-5 times more than most marketing emails? Instead of sending out a bulk email this holiday season, consider optimizing your existing transactional email channel for more sales.

Optimizing your transactional emails can easily add 14% to your revenue while improving customer retention and loyalty.

In this article, we’re going to offer our best hacks on how to get the most out of this Black Friday using your transactional email channel.

What is transactional email?

Transactional emails are the automatic notifications sent from Shopify merchants to customers following an interaction on their eCommerce store.

The most common transactional messages include order confirmation, shipping confirmation emails, abandoned cart notifications, POS sales receipts, and account welcome emails.

Because transactional messages are typically sent immediately after a customer’s interaction, such as completing an order, making a password reset request, or signing up to become a member, they receive substantially higher open rates than standard promotional or commercial emails.

By default, Shopify’s store builder includes several built-in transactional email templates. 

However, these bare-bones template designs don’t allow for targeted product recommendations or easy design styling options. This results in missed opportunities every time you send a transactional email.

Instead, upgrade to a Shopify email builder like UpOrder to turn your transactional email messages into their own marketing platform, including:

  • Personalized product recommendations and cross-sells
  • Product pictures
  • Social media links
  • Blog links
  • Referral links
  • Limited-use promo codes based on the customer’s first name
  • Promotions
  • Custom styling to match your store’s branding and colors

By optimizing your transactional emails, also known as post-purchase emails, you can easily see a 14% increase in your store’s revenue!

How can businesses leverage their transactional emails this Black Friday? 8 hacks to easily make more sales 

Don’t let the relationship end after the holiday peak. Implement these tactics to improve your transactional emails’ ability to retain more customers, improve customer lifetime value (CLV), and drive repeat purchases throughout the year.  

1. Use a Black Friday email design

Marketing for Black Friday deals typically begins as soon as Halloween ends, lasting the entire month of November.

In order to remind your customers of your Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) deals, switch over to a Black Friday-stylized email template for all of your transactional emails throughout November.

This way, when customers open up their order confirmation or POS sales receipt, they’ll have another reminder to check your store’s Black Friday deals.

2. Create limited-offer promo codes

Just about every online store will offer Black Friday promo codes to compete with each other for their customers’ business. Don’t let your transactional emails be left out with their own special promo codes.

Consider creating limited-offer promo codes, such as “BFCM20OFF.”

3. Offer buy more, save more deals 

Buy more, save more deals encourage your customers to spend more per transaction, improving your average order value (AOV).

For example, customers who spend $100 or more will receive 15% off their order. Or customers who spend $500 or more will receive $25% off their entire order.

Buy more, save more deals can be customized to offer discounts on all store items or specific collections or brands only.

Adding your buy more, save more deals and details into transactional emails is a great way to promote your BFCM deals and redirect traffic back to your ecommerce site.

4. Send personalized product recommendations for easy upsells and cross-sells

Because your customers are already opening transactional messages, adding personalized product recommendations at the bottom of these emails is an easy way to drive repeat purchases and cross-sells.

Using UpOrder, Shopify merchants can automatically add personalized product recommendations to their customers based on the shopper’s previous shopping history. 

This ensures only the most relevant products are suggested to each customer, which increases sales and conversions from transactional emails.

Typically, between 2-4 product recommendations are included in each email.

5. Add referral links and codes 

Adding referral links to transactional emails is a cost-effective way to spread your marketing reach using Shopify notifications.

Because the cost of acquiring customers has increased, it’s better to let your existing customers do the marketing for you.

Reward your most loyal customers by giving them free gift cards or discounts for every new referral.

For example, consider running a Give $10, Get $10 referral program — once your customer’s referral completes their order over $25, they’ll be rewarded $10 in rewards to redeem in your store.

6. Add social links for new online followers

Adding social links at the bottom of transactional emails is useful for turning a one-time buyer into an online follower of your brand.

By adding Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram links to your emails, you can easily increase your online following to spread your marketing reach and stay in contact with new customers for years to come.

7. Give a special offer in the account welcome email

Account welcome emails have astonishingly high open rates and conversion rates, around nine times higher than promotional emails. It makes sense — if a person becomes a member of your store, chances are they want to buy something immediately.

Take advantage of the account creation emails’ high open rates by promoting your store’s best-selling items. Prompt your customer to make a sale by offering a limited-time discount code using their first name.

By using your customers’ names, you’ll enhance their overall customer journey by offering a more personalized shopping experience than your competitors. 

8. Optimize POS sales receipts for in-person stores

Most Shopify stores are only online, but they don’t have to be. If you’re running a hybrid store that’s brick-and-mortar and online, then make sure to optimize your POS sales receipts to take your foot traffic and redirect it back to your online store for repeat purchases.

Additionally, you can create a pop-up store at a tradeshow, fair, or local event and use your POS sales receipts to offer a special deal the next time customers shop in your online store.

POS sales receipts, as well as order confirmations, are receipts that essentially stay in your customer’s inbox forever, so make sure they’re optimized, because you never know when they will get re-opened again.

Try UpOrder this Black Friday to generate more revenue and drive repeat purchases

UpOrder is a Shopify app that upgrades Shopify’s built-in transactional emails into beautiful branded emails with purpose.

Drive repeat customers, improve customer retention, and offer your customers personalized product recommendations easily — with no coding involved.

Turn those traditionally boring Shopify notification emails into a powerful sales channel to supercharge your customer loyalty with automated recovery and retention campaigns.

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