How to customize post-purchase upsells on Shopify for 15% conversions (or higher!)

Why do top Shopify brands choose CartHook for post-purchase upsells? Besides CartHook's status as a Shopify Staff Pick and the highest-processing post-purchase upsell app, CartHook is easy to use!

Plain and simple, it's easy to build beautiful, custom offers with CartHook's intuitive drag and drop tools. 

Watch how easy it is to design offers with a 15% conversion rate—or higher!

Customize your post-purchase upsell offer buttons

Choose where you want every element of the offer page to live. We recommend placing offer buttons at the top of your offer page for higher conversions. Customers can accept (or decline) with one-click, without scrolling to the bottom of your offer. 

CartHook's editor also makes it easy to choose your button's copy. 

Upload a custom image

Enhance your post-purchase upsell's design by uploading a custom image. Use custom images to promote:

  • Limited time offers
  • Seasonal offers (Think: holidays, graduations, Black Friday Cyber Monday)
  • Items going out of stock
  • New items, or samples

Using CartHook's editor, you can:

  • Upload a custom image
  • Choose to display a large or small version of your image
  • Choose to display a gallery of images
  • Change the alignment of your image
  • Move where the  image appears on the offer

Create urgency! Customize your post-purchase upsell's countdown timer

Countdown timers are a proven tactic to create urgency and increase sales. With CartHook's editor, you can put your timer anywhere on the offer page, change the size, length of time, and color. 

Want to hide the timer? Simply remove it by dragging and dropping to the bottom of your editor.

Extend your Shopify brand's voice and tone by customizing copy

Provide customers with a seamless shopping experience by extending your store's voice to your post-purchase upsells. 

Many merchants find success by adding custom copy that speaks directly to their customers. Try phrases like:

  • "Wait, there's an offer for you!"
  • "10% off ü•≥ Try our best-seller!"
  • "New! As a thank you, sample this new flavor before it launches!"
  • "Want to stock up and save? Add one more for 20% off!"

Does your store use emojis? Add them to your offers to show extra personality.

Add sections and rearrange them via drag and drop tools

Are your offer buttons at the top of your post-purchase offer page? Great! This makes it easy for customers to accept offers without scrolling.

For customers who do scroll, make it doubly easy to accept your post-purchase upsell by adding a second set of offer buttons to the bottom of your offer page. 

Using CartHook's editor, you can add additional sections of images, dividers, text, timers, and offer buttons to build a robust, detailed post-purchase offer page.

Quick tip! Social proof sells. If your product has a great testimonial, copy and paste it into a new section of text. 

Easily design upsells for mobile and desktop experiences

Our data shows that over 70% of shoppers check out on mobile. Make sure you provide customers with a seamless experience!

You can easily preview your offer for mobile and desktop views. Click the icon on the top right of the design area to view both.

Try CartHook, free for 14 days and boost your revenue by 10%

On average, merchants using CartHook see a 10% total increase in revenue! To see this boost, try CartHook, free for 14-days, in the Shopify app store.

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