How to increase your AOV on Black Friday

You work hard to get customers to your store. You pored over last year's data, segmented your email lists, created campaigns to stand out in the Black Friday noise. But what about once people are in your store making purchases? Offer them post-purchase upsells.

One of the best ways to increase AOV is from post-purchase upsells. Shoppers have come to expect ecommerce upsells; they're no longer considered a spammy or overly pushy way to create an offer.

With CartHook, you can offer post-purchase upsells, an easy way to increase AOV without risking anything related to the initial purchase. In 2019, merchants added an average of 16% to their revenue through upsells.

Upsells and Black Friday

It's more expensive than ever to acquire customers, especially during this year's Black Friday. You need to recoup your costs and avoid missing the mark on your goals. Boosting your AOV is a great way to make your investments count.

If you're like most merchants, you've done the work to prepare for BFCM, so you'll be introducing new customers to your brand. Now's the time to extend your relationship with them, with things like subscriptions and related products. Give them the products they want at a cadence that makes sense for the products they're purchasing.

Remember, this is your chance to introduce them to your brand. Make a good first impression with a customized checkout experience that visually represents your brand.

Consider every upsell as a chance to learn

If you haven't offered upsells before, now's the time to get started. Remember, you don't have to hit all your goals right from the start. Part of what you're doing is collecting data. You can refine your upsell strategies after you start collecting more information, something you should plan to do after BFCM.

How to maximize upsell strategies

There are lots of ways to approach upselling. Here are a few strategies we've seen work for brands in all types of verticals, from health and wellness to CBD.

1. Create FOMO

Make your shoppers feel like time is of the essence. Give them a one-time offer that includes a sense of scarcity. This could mean using a countdown timer or language that will inspire them to make the purchase. Think "limited time" and "limited number."

2. Build brand equity

As you build your brand, your long-term relationship with your customers will ultimately determine your success. Use upsells to create brand equity.

Offer a travel-sized version of the product they just bought. Or offer a sample of a new product you'd like to promote.

Or offer complementary products that fit with what your customers just purchased: a cashmere scarf if they bought gloves, a lip pencil to go with lip balm, or a caffeinated face mask if they bought a CBD scrub.

3. Increase LTV

If a customer  just bought something from your store, they're perfectly primed to sign up for a subscription. After all, they trust you enough to have made a purchase. They like what you're selling.

Sweeten the deal by offering a discounted subscription of the product they just purchased.

4. Give your customers something for free

To entice your shoppers to take the upsell, offer them something for free. See how many customers will accept an upsell when you offer free or expedited shipping, which is especially valuable for subscriptions.

Or offer free products as an upsell. Samples build brand equity. Not only will your customers have another example of your brand in their hands, but they're also more likely to make a repeat purchase in the future.

5. Make informed decisions

After you've run an upsell for a week or two, take a look at how it's performing. Over time, you'll see clear patterns. Which products complement each other best? What price-points appeal to specific audiences?

Get started now

Any time is a good time to create new upsells, but on the verge of BFCM, and the holiday selling season, focusing on your AOV matters more than ever. 

Start experimenting with new upsell strategies before BFCM, so you can boost your AOV when it counts. 

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