The 5 Most Underrated Shopify Email Templates You're Not Using

The 5 Most Underrated Shopify Email Templates You're Not Using

Are you aware of the selling power of your most important marketing channel — Shopify email notifications?

Those transactional emails that get sent every time a customer interacts with your store, such as completing a purchase or leaving the site without completing their order, can actually increase your sales by 15% if you put the time into optimizing their template designs.

Because Shopify’s built-in email notifications are bland, many store owners don’t realize their potential as another email marketing sales channel.

However, by using UpOrder’s app, store owners can customize their Shopify email templates to include powerful product recommendations, special-use discount codes, and more to close more sales and retain customers to drive repeat purchases.

In this article, we’ll go over Shopify’s built-in email templates, and offer suggestions on which templates to optimize today for an easy 15% in sales.

How do Shopify email notification templates increase sales and conversions?

Email marketing has the highest ROI (122%) over any other digital marketing channel, including social media and paid advertising.

But even then, it’s still difficult getting people to open up your promotional emails.

On average, people check their promotional email tab once a day in Gmail. But they check their primary email around 15 times a day.

When you send Shopify email notifications, such as order confirmations and shipping confirmations, these emails are sent directly to the customer’s primary email tab on Gmail — not the promotional tab.

Instead of sending your customers more promotional emails, with varying success, why not optimize your Shopify email notifications to include special promotions, discount codes, and product recommendations?

With UpOrder, you can upgrade and optimize your Shopify email templates to send highly personalized emails with powerful product recommendations to increase order size and drive repeat sales through emails alone.

What types of Shopify email notification templates are there?

Shopify’s dashboard for store owners comes included with 33 notification templates, including post-purchase email templates, related to orders, shipping, customer accounts, and more.

We’ve broken down all of the notifications into these categories, to help you understand more about the template types and the appropriate usage of these notifications. Keep your customers informed and engaged with your online store.

Account emails

When a customer becomes a member of your Shopify store, you’ll need to send them an automatic “customer account invite” email with instructions on how to activate their account and finalize the sign-up process.

If your customer forgets their password, you can send them an automated “customer account password reset” to help them log back into their account.

Welcome emails

After your customer has activated their account sign-up, they’ll receive an automatic onboarding email that can include a log-in clickable button, as well as product recommendations, and a special one-time-use discount code to make the first sale.

Confirmation emails

Once your customer places an order, a series of confirmation emails will be sent to notify them of important updates to their order’s status.

These can include order confirmation, and shipping confirmation, but also order edited notifications, abandoned checkouts, and point of sale (POS) and mobile receipts.

Reminder emails

You can send reminder emails, such as replenishment emails, to encourage repeat purchases on items that are about to run out, such as shampoo, cosmetics, and other consumables.

Other reminder emails can include:

  • Contact customer notifications
  • Abandoned checkout emails
  • Missed delivery
  • Return instructions
  • Payment error
  • Pending payment error

The 5 most underrated Shopify email templates to optimize for more revenue and sales opportunities

There are 33 Shopify email templates available, however, these are the five most important email templates to optimize in order to get more revenue and sales immediately from your email notifications.

Abandoned cart notifications

Did you know that roughly 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned? On mobile phones, it’s even higher, around 85%!

The most common reasons are related to unexpected costs, such as fees, and taxes, or simply not being aware of how expensive the cart is until they reach the checkout point, only to leave the site before completing their purchase.

Other reasons your customers are abandoning their carts include:

  • Being annoyed they have to register a new account
  • Website is too confusing to navigate
  • The checkout process is too tedious and long
  • The website timed out
  • Website security issues that scare visitors from entering their credit card info
  • Finding a better price on a competitors’ website

It’s recommended that Shopify store owners frequently review their abandoned checkouts on their dashboard daily so they can send an abandoned checkout email immediately.

Statistics have shown it’s best to send the first abandoned cart email 3 hours after the customer’s cart has been abandoned.

Abandoned checkout emails receive high open rates, around 44%, and also receive a high click-through rate that can lead to recovered sales.

abandoned checkout example

Customer feedback emails

Collecting customer feedback is important to help store owners determine customer satisfaction and improve the customer’s journey.

Don’t be afraid of negative feedback, as this can actually be very beneficial to your store! Let your customers tell you how you can provide good customer service.

Because if one customer has experienced a negative experience, it’s likely that more of your customers have too. Getting this feedback is the first step in correcting any mistakes that are costing you from making more sales.

Lastly, asking your customers for feedback can actually encourage them to come back to your store to make another purchase, especially if you offer them a limited-use discount code to thank them for their feedback.

Order confirmations

Order confirmation emails receive some of the highest open rates, around 65% with a click-through rate of 17%.

Compare this to the open rates of promotional emails, which is only around 21%, and you’ll see that optimized order confirmations are actually a powerful email marketing channel that you may not have considered.

Instead of sending another promotional email that may or may not get opened, include production recommendations, upsells, cross-sells, and promotions in your order confirmation emails. 

They’re more likely to be open and encourage customers to come back to your store and make a repeat purchase.

order confirmation example

Shipping confirmations

Not only do people love order confirmation emails, but they also love shipping confirmations because they’re excited to receive their package from your store.

Adding more product recommendations, promo codes, and blog posts to the bottom of shipping confirmations is another opportunity to get your new products seen by your existing customers.

shipping confirmation example

Account confirmation emails

When your customer signs up to become a member of your online store, they’ll receive a series of account confirmation emails, such as an activation link, and an onboarding welcome email.

Be sure to include a welcome discount code in your email to incentivize your customer to make their first order.

You can create a limited-time discount code, one that expires in 24 or 48 hours, to really nudge your customer into making a purchase as soon as they open their welcoming email.

account confirmation email example

Try UpOrder — Shopify email templates 

UpOrder is a Shopify app for store owners that lets them customize their Shopify email templates to increase repeat sales that promote customer engagement and loyalty.

See for yourself how UpOrder has helped Nudestix drive repeat sales to grow its direct-to-consumer brand.

Download a free 30-day trial and see how UpOrder can help your Shopify store increase sales and drive repeat purchases.

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