The 33 Shopify Transactional Templates You Need To Optimize for More Sales

The 33 Shopify Transactional Templates You Need To Optimize for More Sales

Email marketers have determined that sending 6 promotional emails per week is the new sweet spot for fashion-related commercial emails.

But even then, many of these promotional emails are not getting opened.

A better approach to promote new products is to send optimized transactional emails — such as order confirmations and shipping confirmations. 

The trick is to customize them to include personalized product recommendations to redirect your customers back to your Shopify store.

Transactional emails aren’t limited to just placing orders, there are 33 different transactional email templates available to Shopify store owners, ranging from password resets to account welcome emails.

Most of these email notifications receive drastically higher open rates than typical marketing and promotional emails, turning transactional emails into a powerful email marketing channel that you may not have considered.

In this article, we’ll go over all of Shopify’s transactional email templates, their usages, and how you can optimize them to make more sales easily.

What are transactional emails for Shopify stores?

Transactional emails are automated email notifications sent from the store owner to their customers after a specific action has taken place, such as registering a new account, purchasing an order, fulfilling an order, or even resetting a password.

Compared to traditional marketing and promotional emails, transactional emails receive the highest open rates, around 8 times higher than regular promotional emails.

Today, Shopify store owners are seeing the value in optimizing these practical, and somewhat boring, notification emails to become more branded and personalized to customers. 

You can take advantage of their naturally higher open rates by including product recommendations and referral links in your transactional emails. How many transactional email templates does Shopify have?

Shopify has 33 transactional email templates available. 

Many of these email notifications are sent automatically, such as password resets, and order confirmations, while others have to be sent manually, such as abandoned checkout emails, or contact customer emails.

Let’s review all of Shopify’s transactional email templates, to help you understand the importance of each email notification type, and how you can optimize them for more sales and improve your customer’s experience.

Order templates

At the top of Shopify’s transactional template list are the “Orders” templates, many of which are sent automatically following a purchase, with the exception of a “Draft order invoice” which can be edited before sending.

Of this list of order templates, the “order confirmation” and “abandoned checkout” emails will be the most impactful for your bottom line.

  • Order confirmation
  • Order edited
  • Order invoice
  • Order canceled
  • Order refund
  • Draft order invoice
  • Abandoned POS checkout
  • Abandoned checkout
  • POS exchange receipt
  • POS exchange V2 receipt
  • Gift card created
  • Payment error
  • Pending payment error
  • Pending payment success

Because order confirmations receive the highest open rates, be sure to add product recommendations, discount codes, blog posts, and social media profiles to these emails for an easy cross-sell or upsell opportunity.


Shipping templates

After order confirmations, shipping confirmations are the next most popular Shopify transactional email. 

There are currently five different shipping templates, including:

  • Fulfillment request
  • Shipping confirmation
  • Shipping update
  • Out for delivery
  • Delivered

In these emails, it’s important to add trackable links to let customers monitor their package’s delivery. 

But they’re also another great spot to include personalized product recommendations, promo codes, or tutorials on how to use the specific products they’ve just bought.

shipping template example

Local delivery templates

While many Shopify stores are purely online businesses, there are many store owners with physical locations who also use Shopify to sell to their local customers.

Local delivery email template include:

  • Local order out for delivery
  • Local order delivered
  • Local order missed delivery
  • Local pick up
  • Ready for pickup
  • Picked up 

Consider adding a special promo code, branded hashtag, and more product recommendations based on their previous sales history to make an easy cross-sell.


Customer templates

Shopify’s customer email templates are related to the customer’s account. 

Most of these emails are sent automatically, such as the activation email, welcome email, and password resets, whereas the contact customer email lets store owners type in a custom message to their customers using a branded template.

The customer templates can include:

  • Customer account invite
  • Customer account welcome
  • Customer account password reset
  • Customer payment method update request
  • Customer payment method restore request
  • Contact customer

It’s considered customary to include a discount for signing up to become a member, so be sure to add a 10% off their first order discount code and watch your sales increase easily.


Email marketing template

When registering a new account for your Shopify store, your customers have the option to opt-in to receive special email promotions, called the “customer marketing confirmation” email.

This email thanks them for signing up and receiving future promotional emails, which are different from your post-purchase emails.

These emails are a great spot to include blog posts, social media profiles, videos, and more because your customer has shown interest in receiving more information from your store outside of their transactional email notifications.

email marketing template example

Returns templates

It’s challenging to try out products before purchasing online, so many Shopify stores see a return rate of around 20%, making returns a large part of running an online store.

This is why Shopify includes two return email templates:

  • Return instructions
  • Return label

Each of these emails is sent automatically to your customer once you create a return in your dashboard, and sends returns instructions and a return label, if necessary to your customer.

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