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Shark - The Jewelry Republic
Shark - The Jewelry Republic
Shark - The Jewelry Republic
Shark - The Jewelry Republic
Shark - The Jewelry Republic
Shark - The Jewelry Republic

Dark Shark Navy Ring

The Jewelry Republic
Estimated Delivery: 5 – 7 Days ( Free ), 1 – 2 Days ( From $10.00 )

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DShark Ring

Back in the day, aboard the USS Cleveland, my unit was underway between the Persian Gulf & San Diego. Somewhere, mid-Pacific & during a much needed "steel beach" deck party, we had the opportunity to "swim with the fishes". I'll admit, the thought of being eaten alive by a shark was forefront on my mind. That day we had an amazing time (only some will ever know) ate a ton of steak, drank my 2 beers and later, after a series of unspeakable shenanigans, I became a Golden Shellback.

Our Shark ring reminds me of that bbq filled, beer-buzzed, sunburnt, horizon watching & shark-filled right of passage afternoon.

Your ring was forged in solid sterling silver, filed, sanded polished & painted by hand. The detail is stunning, the symbolism is timeless and a guaranteed conversation starter. This ring is durable enough to be passed down for several generations. I HIGHLY recommend you take advantage of our free engraving service. Go ahead & add your name, years of service, birthday...whatever you want on the inside of the shank, approximately 10 character maximum.

Product Details

  • Custom made for you 1-2 weeks to ship
  • Solid .925 sterling silver
  • On request, add gold highlights to any part of this ring
  • Available in ring sizes 8 through 15+ US. I RECOMMEND you size a 1/2 larger than normal
  • On request, this ring can be made in 14K, 18K gold or Platinum
  • Being custom, this is nonrefundable BUT we will resolve problems for free, for life.
  • Item arrives in solid packaging, silver polishing cloth & our life long thanks

For custom inquiries or additional details, please add them to your order details or email us at

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