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Shoe Slip On Leather Elastic Black Female Yatch


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Perfect for your day to day, Slip On Tennis Yacht is made of noble and sustainable material, extracting the best of biodegradable leather "chromo free" for your look. Resistant, footwear has insole biodegradable rubber and leather lining, which provide comfort and durability in full measure. Bet on footwear in casual moments, but depending on the context, can also be used in certain formal situations. Caring for your health starts with the feet. yourself be surprised with the comfort of a shoe made in leather 100% chromium-free biodegradable and other heavy metals. You always with style, taking care of your health and preserving the environment

Product Features:. Filmography Suitable for: Day by Day Filmography Material: Leather
Sole: Rubber Filmography Internal Material: Leather recommended Filmography Sports: Walk Take Filmography Occasion: Comfort Filmography Style: Urban Filmography Cano height: Low Cano Filmography Style Part: tressé
closure: elastic Filmography Finish: Atanado Filmography Trend: Tropical Filmography line: Slip on
Additional Product: Plamilha Bio-latex soft Filmography complement description: Produced in biodegradable materials and line and adhesive water-based proportioning style and comfort to your feet Filmography Recommendations Use: Avoid wetting his shoes, but if this occurs, let them dry in the shade and away from any heat source. Delicacy is keyword. Never wash the shoes in washing machine and never rub hard or spend thick or wet sponges Filmography Manufacturer Warranty:. Against manufacturing defects

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