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SIFH - Sisters in Fitness & Health
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Sisters in Fitness and Health Handbook

SIFH, this is a guide to help you understand FOOD and TRAINING. It will not address workout routines those will be illustrated in a separate guide and video. Training is NOT my priority for you, it is UNDERSTANDING FOOD.

Once you understand FOOD no one can trick you any more to purchase expensive supplements with fancy names. You will purchase a supplement that's designed to meet your needs.

So its food, vitamin and mineral supplements and THEN workouts. We must master the diet and then you will see everything else will fall into place.

A sample meal plan go-by is included. Once you receive your guide read it TWICE. If there are substitutions you want to make research them first and consult with me if you are not sure. I am here to help you! Purchase as a gift for others, we have to get the word out about proper eating. Be well beloveds!

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SIFH - Sisters in Fitness & Health

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