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Light Nude Pantyhose, Sheer With Comfort Top

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Nude Pantyhose That Are Ranked #1 For Comfort And Style

These fair Light Nude Sheer Pantyhose by Hipstik will be your style friend. They don’t pinch or dig, even in a full day of wear. The waistband is made of a soft decorative lace that stays put and never rolls down — and if the lace happens to peek out of the waistband of your skirt, shorts or pants, it’s actually quite alluring. These nude pantyhose are praised in New York Magazine as the top choice in their reviews of sheer pantyhose and hosiery. Hipstik sizes by height and body shape, not weight, making the fit revolutionary. Customers ask us how to choose the sheer hue that's right for them? Our Light Nude is a favorite of fair skin with pink undertones, those reaching for the lightest makeup foundation, like ivory or porcelain.

  • Style also available in Medium Nude, Caramel, and Coffee hues
  • Sheer – 16 denier
  • Footed with light reinforced toe
  • Hipster low to mid-rise fit on most bodies 
  • Stretchy lace top fits your shape without rolling or squeezing
  • No sagging thanks to the silicone stick strip
  • Super soft, super-microfiber
  • Limited wear, handle with care. Remove jewelry when getting dressed.
  • Women made in the USA

Our sizing is revolutionary! Use the charts below. Find your height. Find your shape. (Double-check pant size.) Find your comfort!

How we size:

We started with the standard U.S. apparel size chart (as most do) but didn’t end it there (as most do). Hipstik sizing is based on a woman’s shape, especially her hips and tummy, and not just the number on a tag. Start with our easy charts to help you find the most perfectly-fitting tights you’ve ever owned.

Our legwear tends to run large, so don’t size up! Product Care:

Hipstik tights are made with durable microfiber featuring Spandex and they will impress you with how soft they are. Keep your Hipstiks happy: Hand-wash separately, cold water, no chlorine bleach, drip dry. Do not iron.

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Want to go a shade or two darker? Try our beige pantyhose in medium nude or our tan pantyhose in caramel. Shop all sheer pantyhose here.

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