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Two-Tiered Garden Combo
Two-Tiered Garden Combo

Two-Tiered Garden Combo

Garden Circles Raised Beds based in

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 Garden Circles are super economical  raised garden beds made from galvanized steel mesh and geo-fabric.  They are lightweight and come rolled up in a bag.  They set up in minutes with no tools needed.  Available in a  variety of sizes and heights.  Put together a bunch off add-ons to make interesting and creative shapes. We are delighted to offer this useful and fun two-bed combo, ideal for strawberries or any garden needs. This two bed combo includes ONE 2 foot tall by 28 inch wide bed and ONE 1 foot tall by 4 foot wide bed.   Total grow area: 13.6 Sq Ft Tips for Setting Up Set-up and fill the 2' X 28" bed first, then set up the 1' X 4' and fill. Add organic infill into the 2' tall bed to help offset the need for soil. Add in whatever you have lying around that will add nutrients and decompose, such as old firewood, grass clippings, leaves, wood chips, straw or hay. Use what you have and save time and $$.       

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Garden Circles Raised Beds

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