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Mask Cocktail - Multi-Masking Set

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Skin Benefits

Different areas of your skin have very different requirements.

Multi masking is the technique in which one uses two masks at once to target specific skin concerns or to bolster the effects of one of the masks. Multi masking can be done either by zoning, or through layering, and depending on your skin type, concerns, and mood you might prefer trying out the first or the second.

Multi masking is one of the best types of self-care, because it is relaxing, and it allows you to really consider what your skin needs.

Show your skin some extra love with a sample set of our bestselling face masks and featuring botanicals chosen to detox and nourish your skin. Try all three of our handcrafted, mineral-rich facial masks with this sampler set! A great way to test out which facial set combo suits your skin best!

Blemish-Prone Skin and Combination Skin
No. 34 - Rose Clay Mask - Hydration + Exfoliation
No. 35 - Activated Charcoal Mask - Detox
No. 21 - Moroccan Clay Mask - Acne + Hyperpigmentation

Dry Skin

No. 40 Seaweed, Spirulina and Matcha Tea - Spa Mask
No. 34 French Clay Mask with Rosehips and Hibiscus
No. 46 Hibiscus and Geranium Vitamin C Mask

Ritual for Mask: take a ceramic bowl, Mix a small amount of the mask (about ½ a tbsp.) with about ½ tsp of hydrosol water, milk, or apple cider vinegar until you create a thick paste. Add more liquid if necessary. Apply the paste to a clean face and let dry (10-15 minutes). Remove by rinsing with warm water. Follow with a toner to balance and hydrate the skin. Finish with our facial balm or our facial serum to restore moisture. 

Key Ingredients

Each Natural Mixologist mask is formulated with the finest naturally-sourced clays, organic essential oils, and organic, powdered botanicals.

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Multi Masking Facial Mask Sampler Mask Cocktail - Multi-Masking Set
Mask Cocktail - Multi-Masking Set
Regular price $20 Unit price  per 
Out of Stock
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