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Mettalusso More Pet Collection Glossy Brush

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Mettalusso Glossy Brush is an ultra gentle brush for dogs and cats designed to bring out the best in their natural fur. The clusters of bristles perform to smooth the hair cuticles and restore natural shine and luster to your pet's coat. Refresh, groom, clean and nurture your pet with this multi-functional and convenient brush. The bristle are gentle enough to prevent breakage and resilient enough to groom and cleanse fur and delicate hair. Great for use on wet or dry hair for cleansing and grooming needs. 

Coats can get weighed down with everyday dust and dirt. Revive natural luster with these super-soft bristles. Use anytime to refresh your pets look. Fluffs and lightly detangles. Helps to reset fluff and shine in between grooming appointments. 

Does Your Pet Have At-Home Grooming Anxiety? Or Do They Love Being Brushed? Designed for All Pet Temperaments. Brush as You Pet Your FurBaby!

Sized to comfortable and discreetly fit in the palm of your hand. Caress your pet as you groom them. Very lightweight for sensitive pets. Gentle enough to use on tender areas such as face, ears, lower legs, paws, and belly.


Use anytime you would like to revive, style and clean your pets coat. Use in a designated area such as tails, around shoulders, feet, legs and ears for added fluff. 

  • Groom dry without excessive hair breakage.
  • Can use with Mettalusso Waterless Mouse Foaming Shampoo and our 100% cotton Cleansing Cloths. Spray our Mousse Shampoo in are to be cleaned and gently run brush through the area. Repeat until clean. Wipe with a gentle cloth or rinse with mild water. 
  • Great on any age pets. Puppy and kitten safe. 

Hand wash brush with a mild cleanser to maintain the soft bristles, clean any build-up  and retain their shape. Air dry.


About Mettalusso® Mettalusso is the world's 1st vegan clean beauty brand for people + pets! Our product is developed with luxury and glamour. We have pioneered a whole new standard of vegan clean product.  Learn more about our product standards and the ingredients we use.  Metta means Love and Lusso means Luxury. Sign up for our 'Love Letter' (not a boring ol' newsletter) and receive exclusive specials. Enjoy our original entertainment with Mettie + Lunah's Forever Journey© and MOMENTS featuring Mettie + Lunah Lusso, their global family and pets!


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