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Natural Herbal Inhaler for Nasal Congestion

Mata USA based in

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  • 7 sun-dried tropical herbs
  • On-the-go energy boost
  • Invigorating natural menthol 
Inhale and elevate! This palm-sized natural inhaler is infused with a restorative blend of seven tropical herbs, which are hand-picked and sun-dried in Thailand. Spicy black pepper, invigorating menthol, and energizing clove boost your mood with a bright, vibrant scent. Simply unscrew the cap, shake to release the herbs, and breathe deeply for an instant relief of nasal congestion, seasonal allergy, dizziness or for energy boost that clears your sinuses and mind. Ingredients clove, camphor, black pepper, borneol, logusticum root, mace, menthol Net Wt 0.1 oz/2.85 g.

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