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Le Mat™ - Cooling Gel Mat for Pets

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"Great investment during the hot summer months! My husky is always panting excessively during the summer & this mat really helps cool him off! My pup is 60lbs & the mat is just the right size for him! He’s able to stretch out on it comfortably. He does scratch it quite often when he tries to bury & “hide” his toys/treats in his bed & the mat has not ripped. Overall a really good investment, especially for double-coated fur babies! I would definitely buy this again."

Sandy. ✅ Verified Buyer

TIME TO COOL DOWN THE HOT DOGS Heat can be difficult for our dogs. But not only that. Some dogs with a heavy coat, who overheat easily, or who have health issues, have difficulties handling the heat, and not only during Summers but all year long.    That is why Le Mat™ - Cooling Gel Mat For Pets has been such a hit with our customers. When you have tried everything and you see that your dog needs to cool down, this is THE solution.     With its multiple sizes to fit every dog's shape, you just unfold it and it is ready to use; wipe it if you need to clean it up, bring it with you if you travel and the non-toxic safe gel, inside will work its magic on your pet, and... on you (yes, it also works very well on humans). Le Mat™ is your perfect allied when it is time to cool down.    6 REASONS WHY COOLING DOWN HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER

✅ YOUR DOG STAYS COMFORTABLE - Our Cooling Gel Mat prevents overheating way faster than regular beds or even tile floors. It keeps your furry best friend comfortable and prevents health hazards that can be caused by excessive heat.



✅ IT ABSORBS THE HEAT - The nylon mat is filled in with a solid gel made of a weight-activated substance that absorbs the heat from your pet's body and recharges and chills when your pet leaves the pad. Did we hear "magic"?



✅ IT IS NON-TOXIC - Le Mat™ is made of a non-toxic gel solution that absorbs your pet's body heat and keeps it cool so it is safe for your dog

✅ NO NEED TO PUT IT IN THE FREEZER - When needed, Le Mat™ cools down by itself. You don't need to put it in the fridge or the freezer. That way, Le Mat™ will stay always cool for your dog!

✅ IT IS SUPER EASY TO USE - Le Mat™ comes in different sizes so it fits your pet's size and shape. It is lightweight. You can unfold it wherever you need (floor, bed, couch, car, camping, etc.) and let your pet enjoys it. Just wipe it with a damp cloth to clean it.



✅ HYGIENIC & DURABLE - Le Mat™ is made of sturdy nylon fabric that holds up to wear and tear. No risk of mold or bacteria like some water bed as the gel doesn't need to be replaced or touched.



✅ IT COULD IMPROVE ITS HEALTH - For dogs with heatstroke, hip dysplasia, allergies, post-surgery conditions, achy joints/bones in senior canines, etc. they could benefit from the cold therapy that Le Mat™ offers.


As pet parents, we all know how difficult it can be on a hot summer day to cool off our dogs and allow them to peacefully rest without panting. With their thick coat, they can really suffer from high temperatures and we can stay clueless when we want to relieve them. With Le Mat™, you can finally offer them solace to chill and relax.     Le Mat™ exists in different sizes to fit your pet whatever shape it is. It is lightweight, easy to clean, and you can store it easily. So easy to store that you can travel with it and have your dog lying on it after a good day hiking or running at the beach. The weight-activated non-toxic gel keeps your dog cool and comfortable by absorbing its body's heat and recharging when your pet leaves.     It is so amazing that you might even want to try it yourself!


OUR GUARANTEE Our Success Is Your 100% Satisfaction      Le Stylish Pet carries unique and amazing products that make your life with your pet easier, funnier, and totally more stylish - and we want to make sure we back that up with a 100% risk-free 30-day guarantee.     At Le Stylish Petyour satisfaction is our priority; so if you are not 100% satisfied, feel free to reach out to us and we will help.

Le Mat™ - Cooling Gel Mat for Pets Le Mat™ - Cooling Gel Mat for Pets Le Mat™ - Cooling Gel Mat for Pets Le Mat™ - Cooling Gel Mat for Pets Le Mat™ - Cooling Gel Mat for Pets Le Mat™ - Cooling Gel Mat for Pets Le Mat™ - Cooling Gel Mat for Pets Le Mat™ - Cooling Gel Mat for Pets Le Mat™ - Cooling Gel Mat for Pets
Le Mat™ - Cooling Gel Mat for Pets
Regular price $95.90 now $47.95 Unit price  per 
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