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Holiday Chocolate Candy Gift Set

Fames Chocolate based in

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Luxury Holiday Gift Set - THE PERFECT HOLIDAY PACK! You know what rules? Saving money on holiday gifts. Because — run with me here for a sec — when you spend less on your family and friends, you end up with more cash in your pocket for YOU. And no one can say you were being selfish. You were just being financially savvy. *brushes shoulders off* That’s why we’re doing something special this year… Combining our best-selling chocolate gifts in one big bundle for 25% OFF I’m talkin'’ four Trays of chocolate delights that melt on your tongue, crunch between your teeth, and have you reaching for the next morsel before you even swallow… But don’t wait, because this 45% off expires shortly. And it’s not coming back before the holidays…   ALLERGY INFORMATION: contains tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, eggs and soy.

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