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Woman in floral dress with Hipstik black semi opaque tights
Hipstik black semi opaque tights
comfort hipstik no-squeeze no-roll waistband
silicone strip to keep tights from rolling or falling
black semi opaque tights with comfort lace top from Hipstik

Semi-Opaque Tights In Black With Comfortable Low Rise Luxe Waistband

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Semi-Opaque Tights Bring Durable Comfort

Semi-opaque tights bring the perfect mix of sheerness and durability. This one is Hipstik founder Laura’s new favorite fresh style. These tights have durability with opacity at 40 denier which is in-between our Classic Opaque Tights (97 deniers) and Sheer Pantyhose (16 deniers). With a subtle sheen, they can be dressed to the nines and everything “in-between!”

  • Semi-Opaque – 40 denier
  • Color: Black 
  • Subtle Sheen 
  • Footed
  • Hipster mid to low-rise fit on most bodies
  • Stretchy lace top fits your shape without rolling or squeezing
  • No sagging thanks to the silicone stick strip
  • Comfy and so soft 
  • 84% Nylon + 16% Spandex
  • Women made in the USA
  • More durability than sheers, but we still recommend removing jewelry when getting dressed and handling with care. 

Our sizing is revolutionary! Use the charts below. Find your height. Find your shape. (Double-check pant size.) Find your comfort!

How we size:

We started with the standard U.S. apparel size chart (as most do) but didn’t end it there (as most do). Hipstik sizing is based on a woman’s shape, especially her hips and tummy, and not just the number on a tag. Start with our easy charts to help you find the most perfectly-fitting tights you’ve ever owned.

Our legwear tends to run large, so don’t size up!

Product Care:

Hipstik will impress you with how soft they are. Keep your Hipstiks happy: Hand-wash separately, cold water, no chlorine bleach, drip dry. Do not iron.

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Click here for black opaque tights or sheer black pantyhose.

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