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Hair & Scalp Synergy

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"After two months I noticed some new growth by my hairline and over all more density and thickness."  -  Mike A. , Hair & Scalp Synergy + More Hair Naturally 9 Customer

Kick start your hair and scalp into overdrive with this lightning in a bottle.

A powerful combination of multi-complex triple enzymes, proteins, plant stem cells and botanical extracts brought together to help activate and ignite the spark which brings your hair and scalp back to life.

Using a unique and all natural approach including extracts from the Basil Plant, Pea Sprouts, Azalea Flowers, tobacco leaf, Rosebay and more there has never been a product for thinning hair like Hair & Scalp Synergy™. Designed to help very specific parts of the hair and scalp support the thick, full hair you want to grow.

Like a power plant. The engineers come in and plan, build it, put everything in place (that’s the More Hair Naturally® 9, the builder and healer) and then a specialized crew comes in, turns on the power switch and lights up the city… That’s Hair & Scalp Synergy™.

Used on its own, your hair and scalp will flourish in a way you never imagined. Used in conjunction with the More Hair Naturally® 9 you are in for the transformation you only ever dreamt was possible.

Spray directly onto the thinning areas of your scalp, massage in and go about your day, it's that easy.

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