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Gripad for Men - Ronnie Coleman

SIFH - Sisters in Fitness & Health based in

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Gripad for Men by Ronnie Coleman

SIFH inspired Ronnie Coleman Gripads

It is with great pleasure to unveil the one and only, Ronnie Coleman GRIPADS®.

Generally, there are two main types of weight-lifting gloves: leather and neoprene. GRIPAD® workout grips are made of high quality neoprene; which has more padding, great durability, and will not bunch up like leather gloves to pinch your skin.

GRIPAD® training gloves are beneficial for: dumbbell training, bench press exercises, back exercises, biceps exercises, triceps exercises, cross fit training, kettlebell exercises, rowing, spinning, and many other general workouts.

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SIFH - Sisters in Fitness & Health

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