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Foldout U-Shape, Cozy Size

Garden Circles Raised Beds based in

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The Cozy Sized U-shaped Foldout comes folded up and simply pulls open to form this 6 segment U shape. Imagine standing in the "keyhole" in the middle surrounded by easy to reach garden plants.

Cozy Foldout Dimensions
7.5 ft across. Height is 24 inches. Total grow area is 32 sq ft
Garden Circles Raised Beds are highly durable and will last 10+ years. They are meant to be left up year-round and will weather over winter quite well, as we make and use them in Minnesota and we know winter.

For all 2 foot tall beds we highly recommend using some kind of organic infill for the first half. Toss in old firewood, grass clippings, leaves, straw, hay, even wood chips. Add soil on top.

Most plants usually need 6-8" of soil for good healthy roots. The material in the bed will settle over the year so add leaves in the fall and and inch or two of fresh soil in the spring to help amend and keep full."
It's that simple! Use what you have and enjoy gardening on a whole new level!

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