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Clarity Aromatherapy Rollerball - NEW PRICE

AIM HI Every Day based in

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This uplifting crystal-infused aromatherapy rollerball will liven up your headspace and bring a higher sense of clarity. 
rosemary - lemongrass - peppermint - eucalyptus 10ml  USAGE
Roll the smooth gliding glass rollerball on temples, wrists, or pulse points when targeted mental clarity aromatherapy is desired. Roll between palms and breath deeply. Use before meetings, interviews, lectures, classroom stuff, anytime you're feeling foggy or just want to smell good. INGREDIENTS
  • *Sweet almond oil : moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, restores ph, wrinkle reducer
  • *Fractionated coconut oil : medium-chain triglycerides (the good stuff), hydrating, moisturizing, light & non-greasy
  • *Jojoba oil : easily absorbed moisturizer, anti-inflammatory, balances oily skin
  • Leuconostoc/radish root ferment filtrate (non-gmo) : natural preservative
  • Essential oil blend of rosemary, *lemongrass, *peppermint & *eucalyptus : stimulates mental clarity, mood-lifting, rejuvenates the spirit and mind (l-p-e), mood-lifting (e), rejuvenates the spirit and mind (p-e)
  • Clear quartz crystal : cleansed in the ocean and charged under the full moon, these crystals helps to bring focus and attention to your intention
*Certified organic ingredient

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