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APRES SUN Ritual Set

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The APRES SUN Ritual is a skin soothing aromatherapy system designed to ease your sun-kissed skin and hair back into balance after a summer holiday (or any day). Every product in our line can be used in so many ways and we’ve bundled them here in a perfect 4-step after sun self-care package. Your Ritual awaits… Save 20% on the bundle, a $163 value

Your Apres Sun Ritual Set contains one of the following:  Step 1: Invigorating Coco Sugar Body Polish, 3.5oz 
- to exfoliate : stir, get wet, scrub up, rinse well, smell good
- to calm skin : scoop a handful into a running bath and relax
* do not use on sunburnt skin, wait until redness fades before use
Step 2: Lavender Rosemary Body Mist, 2oz - lightly mist to soothe head to toe  Step 3: Soothing Face Oil, 1oz - moisturize and replenish (amazing on sunburnt skin) Step 4: After Beach Hair Leave-In Mist, 2oz - rehydrate your locks. Use on hair when done in the sun. Mist sparingly on ends of towel dried hair or mist on wet or dry skin. Heaven TIP: use your After Beach Hair Leave-In Mist on damp skin after the beach, bath or shower for light hydration that will leave you smelling great!

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