Our Story

It’s time to claim your independence

Big box e-commerce platforms have created an online shopping ecosystem that doesn’t work for independent sellers. They value the advancement of their marketplace over the needs of their merchants, and they use your data to benefit themselves. High fees make it nearly impossible to sustain profits, and as a result, most businesses fade and fail after just a few years—while the platform continues to flourish. 

Pantastic.com is on a mission to turn the tables on the major online retailers and their predatory tactics, and create the first network that helps independent merchants create a scalable, profitable business on a platform that puts them first. 

As a valued member of the Pantastic merchant community, your brand will be exposed to a world of new customers, and you’ll have access to a comprehensive toolkit that will help you continually improve your store and maximize profits so your brand can have longevity. And we don’t create private-label goods. Ever.

The result: a healthier, most holistic economy where thousands of independent entrepreneurs, from established luxury brands to bedroom creators, can connect with consumers, build their businesses, and create a new way to sell and shop for quality products.

Welcome to the new retail

Running a business means wearing a lot of hats. There isn’t much time to interpret complex data and continually optimize your store for best performance. So we’ve made that our job. We will regularly perform deep analysis of your storefront and operations metrics so you don’t have to. Our dashboard is designed to provide clear actionable insights, not just data, that will help you easily understand how effective your store is operating compared to similar merchants. If there’s an improvement to be made, a click of a button will get it done.

As a merchant on Pantastic.com, you’ll be able to take advantage of insights like fulfillment efficiency, shipping efficiency, and tariff value—the same valuable metrics utilized by the big global brands. Realtime customer satisfaction ratings based on purchase, cancellation, and return rates are also visible in your dashboard. Our recommendation engine will intelligently promote your products across the site—bundling them with complimentary products when applicable—and Pantastic’s large-scale SEO ensures you’ll be able to reach more customers effectively and more affordably than any other paid growth strategy. 

Our tools are designed to help you see around corners. We know that the more successful you are, the more successful our community will be. 

A merchant network, not a marketplace

Big box e-commerce platforms have a basic conflict of interest with their marketplace merchants that everyone has simply gotten used to. They track your sales data to determine product demand, then create private-label goods that directly compete with your product—and with better visibility. We don’t do that. At Pantastic.com, private-label brands are off-brand. 

Instead, we will introduce you to a members-only network of merchants that will help you navigate and grow your business. Through that network you will be able to access private discussion forums with similar merchants, many of whom have already overcome your latest challenge, arming you with wisdom that will help drive your business. 

A more meaningful experience

Behind every independent brand is a unique and compelling story. Those stories are how we develop lasting, meaningful connections with our consumers. As we accelerate into the next era of online shopping, Pantastic.com strives to empower you with the tools you need to thrive as an independent seller, regardless of your level of experience, and create an environment where merchants feel supported and shoppers can purchase with pride.