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Relax Cat Aromatherapy

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Is Your Cat Afraid of the Vacuum? Riding in the Car? Annoying Dogs? 

Cats have common fear triggers, just like we do. Some of us humans are terrified of spiders, snakes, public speaking, heights, to name just a few of the many, MANY panic inducing triggers. Common triggers for cats include riding in a car, pushy dogs, vacuum cleaners, and storms.


Generally, cats are also unsettled by change. For many cats moving their litter box, a new routine for their people, new people moving in, and of course, relocating the household, are all distressing for cats and may cause a host of emotional issues.

It is helpful for you to observe and note what is causing your cat's stress to be able to help them. This can be harder than it sounds, as many cat owners will attest to!

Relax Cat Aromatherapy

Rather than turning to harsh drugs we offer Relax Cat Aromatherapy, a gentle blend of safe essential oils to help calm your cat. A calming blend of Australian Sandalwood, Neroli and Chamomile are used in Relax. The roll-on version has a carrier oil of almond oil, grapeseed oil and sweet almond oil. The spray carrier is distilled water and emulsifier.

Neroli is steam-distilled from the small, white, waxy flowers of the bitter orange tree. It is well known as a stress relieving aid and for it's ability to lower blood pressure and cortisol levels. All good calming influences for cats and people.

Australian Sandalwood is also known for its relaxing and calming properties, yet does not cause drowsiness. We only use Australian Sandalwood grown in a sustainable manner. Here an interesting article on the win/win of farming Sandalwood in Australia.

Roman Chamomile is good for much more than a cup of night time tea. Famed for its anti-depression and anxiety reducing properties, Chamomile is also well-known for its gentleness.

Tips for Using Relax Cat Aromatherapy 

  • Begin to apply prior to or at onset of stress inducing event
  • Spray: Lightly mist on cat from ears back (not in face, cats hate that)
  • Roll-on: Roll inside your cat's ears
  • Or mist/roll-on your hands and pet your cat
  • Reassure your cat in a calm, gentle manner
  • Reapply, as needed for your cat's peace of mind
  • Use Relax Cat Aromatherapy Roll-on and Spray together to amplify results
Relax Cat Aromatherapy Product Info
  • Individually handcrafted, mixed and poured with calming intentions for your cat here at The Blissful Cat in far northern Minnesota
  • All natural and organic ingredients used
  • Essential oils used; Australian Sandalwood, Neroli and Roman Chamomile
  • .45 ounce Plastic Roll-on Bottle
  • 2.7 oz Aluminum Spray Mister Bottle
  • Combo of spray and roll-on available for maximum effectiveness
  • Featuring a chill Maine Coon cat on the label
  • Tucked in a gift bag with complete usage tips, hints and suggestions included
Aromatherapy for CATS? 

We acknowledge there is a lot of misinformation about aromatherapy for cats to be found online. Of course, if you search enough, you will find a website that supports any idea...ANY idea. More carefully sourced information is found here, including links to industry experts.

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Relax Cat Aromatherapy
Regular price $23.95 Unit price  per 
Regular price $23.95 Unit price  per 
Free Shipping
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