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How 310 Nutrition gets 30% of customers to say yes to their post-purchase upsell offers

Learn how 310 Nutrition delighted their customers with post-purchase upsells.

Since 310 Nutrition specializes in selling nutritious weight-loss products, they'd always been affected by customer churn. After all, high churn is the natural position for weight loss and health management verticals.

Faced with a reality where it was commonplace for customers not to return, it became critical that 310 Nutrition maximized the value of every customer order.


Maximizing average order value in a high-churn sector

"We'd already put a huge amount of work into customer acquisition, with a successful strategy encompassing paid ads, influencer marketing, and well-positioned SMS and email campaigns," says Hov Mkhitaryan, 310 Nutrition's head of product. "Our challenge now was to provide awareness of all our products and offerings, in the hope of increasing revenue per visitor."

They'd already had some success with offering pre-transactional upsells. And now they were ready to experiment with new ways to entice customers after they'd checked out.

"We became aware of opportunities to offer post-transactional upsells, but we were initially wary of having an offer on our checkout page," said Hov. "We didn't want to push customers too hard, but we knew there was an opportunity to offer more products to each visitor, and drive up our average order value, if we could get our upsell strategy right."

So the challenge was on. Could 310 Nutrition find a reliable way to offer their customers enticing post-purchase upsells? They needed a platform that would let them easily customize post-purchase upsell offers.

"We knew there was an opportunity to offer more products to each visitor, and drive up our average order value, if we could get our upsell strategy right."


Customizable post-purchase upsells driven by data, not guesswork

When 310 Nutrition began searching for a way to offer post-purchase upsells, they foundCartHook.

After seamlessly connecting their Shopify store with CartHook, 310 Nutrition loved the fact they could easily build custom upsell offers for different products. They started with linking their $9 acquisition offer with a selection of appealing upsells.

"We know that a lot of customers in the health and wellness vertical don't come back for a second purchase, so we really just have one chance to provide them with as much value as possible. CartHook immediately made it easier to align that," said Hov. "It was great that we could finally offer more to our customers at the moment when they'd just bought from us—when we had their attention."

As the relationship with the CartHook team grew, 310 Nutrition built out an increasing number of upsell offers. Among Hov's favorite features was the fact he could easily test and monitor the popularity of different upsell offers. This meant his upsell results were based on data, not guesswork.

"I think the main opportunity for online retailers with CartHook is that the platform allows you to test different offers," said Hov. "You can tag different products, look at their various upsell rates, and then do a simple calculation to see which product is doing better."

When Hov spots a funnel that's outperforming others, it takes just a few clicks to make it his priority funnel. And that means he can maximize the revenue that flows from it.

"It's a big advantage to be able to customize the upsells and make sure we have the right offers on there at the right time," he said.

Hov used CartHook's code editor to add an attention-grabbing SMS opt-in.

"With our previous SMS opt-in, we asked people to tick a checkbox. Thanks to CartHook's code editor, we've made our opt-in much more visible, so customers are drawn to provide their response," said Hov.

While Hov admits there were some technical issues at the start, he's happy he chose CartHook.

"The team's responsive support was a big plus when we had issues with conversion pixels not firing," he said. "CartHook's team moves fast now to improve things we talk about, and I feel our input is something they really value."

"We know that a lot of customers in the health and wellness vertical don't come back for a second purchase, so we really just have one chance to provide as much to them as possible. CartHook immediately made it easier to align that."


Three in 10 customers buy post-checkout upsells and AOV jumps 25%

CartHook has proved an excellent post-purchase upsell solution for 310 Nutrition. They've seen an incredible 30% uptake of their upsell offers, and increased the average order value when customers buy their starter kit by 25%.

"It's been a great surprise that 30% of customers are taking the offers we put in front of them after their purchase," said Hov. "We're able to get more of our products to our customers, giving us a chance for a better first impression."

For a business processing many millions of dollars of orders every year, the extra revenue fromupsells equates to a significant amount of income.

Another great result has been a 30% rise in SMS opt-ins thanks to CartHook's integration with Postscript. This is a big deal for a business that gets a chunk of its leads and sales via text campaigns.

"Making our SMS section resonate with customers better has gotten us a great volume of opt-ins," said Hov. "This allows us to reach more customers than ever before with our campaigns."

But one of the most meaningful results for 310 Nutrition has been CartHook's responsive team.

"Their best feature has been their willingness to improve the platform," said Hov. "Now, the team moves fast, and when I suggest a change, they'll often make it happen inside a month, which is really valuable for us."

Alongside the success of CartHook, 310 Nutrition has been experimenting with other technologies and integrations that are firing the growth of their brand.

"We use ReCharge as our subscription app and Postscript for SMS," said Hov. "It's a holistic approach to acquisition and retention, as we build the foundations for more success."

310 Nutrition has big plans across ecommerce and advertising as it moves its brand into the future.

"We're getting ready to open our first physical store—The Shake Shop— in L.A., and we're increasing our focus on physical mailers and SMS to drive retention, and we're working to maximize the lead potential from influencer marketing on Instagram and Facebook," said Hov.

As 310 Nutrition continues to refine and nurture its brand, CartHook will continue to be on the team, helping them enhance their revenue and create upsell experiences customers love.

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