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We created Pantastic to connect purpose-driven shoppers like you with awesome indie brands that have values that align with your own. With the holiday season almost here, we want to take a moment to reflect on what we are grateful for and share what we are looking forward to as the end of the year approaches.
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Independent brands question the status quo, fuel innovation, and put people first. Our motivation behind Pantastic is helping independent brands and small businesses by giving them the tools they need to grow and sell more online. We are helping them take back control of their businesses and no longer be reliant on e-commerce giants.

We’re grateful for our partnerships with these awesome brands and for our ability to share what we love about them with you. And we are especially excited to dive into our holiday shopping list while also supporting these indie businesses that we believe in.

Here are a few key reasons why we’re shopping small this Black Friday.

  1. It’s eco-friendly. Shopping small often means buying from businesses that produce more consciously and in smaller batches, so they don’t have as much waste as larger corporations.
  2. We’re investing in local communities. Purchasing from indie brands funnels more money into businesses that are directly intertwined within their communities. It provides more local jobs, economic growth, and resources for communities that otherwise may not benefit as much from typical corporate growth.
  3. You can support someone’s passion. Behind every indie brand is an individual following their dream to create something that makes a difference, inspires people, or brings beauty into the world.
  4. Indie brands have values that align with your own. Every one of our Pantastic brands adhere to important values within their businesses such as sustainability or social good. When you shop through Pantastic, you can easily find brands that share the same values as you do – so you can be proud of where your money is going.

We want to make it easy for you to shop small and support value-driven indie brands with us this holiday season. We’ve put together all-encompassing gifting guides for you to reference this holiday season. It has everything from Gifts for Him/Her to Eco-friendly Gifts to Cheeky Holiday Fun. Check out all of our holiday gift guides right here.

And make sure you’re the first to know about our holiday sales, promos, and more by signing up for our email newsletter, SMS, and following us on social media. We can’t wait for you to shop small with us this holiday season!

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Mira Hayashi
Customer Service Team Manager
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