Why you need CartHook for post-purchase upsell offers in your Shopify store

If you're a Shopify store owner who's noticing a consistently low average order value (AOV), you've probably already created a strategy to increase how much each customer spends when they visit your store.

But have you added post-purchase offers and upsells to your checkout experience? If not, you're missing an opportunity to create new revenue and boost your AOV. And, if you make the right kinds of post-purchase offers, you can do something equally important—connect with your customers and make them love your brand for the long term.

CartHook is the best way to add one-click post-purchase upsells to the native Shopify checkout. If you run a Shopify store, use CartHook to deliver real post-purchase offers, something they'll see between the checkout and thank you pages.

Post-purchase offer example

What is a post-purchase upsell or post-purchase offer?

Most people are familiar with post-purchase email upsells. You buy something from an online store then receive a confirmation email with an offer—for anything from a discounted product to a subscription or a total next order discount.

But asking your customer to open an email and click through can lower conversion rates.

CartHook's post-purchase offers happen right after your customer completes their purchase in the checkout of your online store. It's a potent moment: they trusted your brand enough to buy something and they may be feeling that post-purchase euphoria that comes from getting something they wanted. Why not give them something more?

Nervous about offering a discount? The offer is a truly exclusive one-time deal and is only available to current customers who just made a purchase.

Successful post-purchase offers come in all shapes and sizes. You can offer a complementary product, like dog booties to go with the dog sweater they just bought. Or how about a travel-sized version of the product they just bought, like a small bottle of immunity gummies in a different flavor from what they purchased? 

Maybe you want to introduce them to a new product, something they'll love and come back to purchase after they try it. You could offer a sample packet of CBD cream for $1 (if they purchased $100 or more in CBD oil. The sample wouldn't create a huge boost to your AOV, but if it creates a repeat customer, it's worth it!

Why post-purchase upsells increase your AOV

Post-purchase offers allow merchants to increase their AOV without increasing traffic to their store. You're taking advantage of the customers you already have!

Presenting customers with an offer after they check out is the ideal moment. Offers before the checkout can distract customers, so you risk losing the purchase. When you give them an offer after they check out—in between your checkout and thank you pages, you increase the chance they'll accept it. Plus, there's zero risk of cart abandonment.

With CartHook, your customers accept the offer with one click. They don't need to re-enter any payment or shipping info.

Most merchants using CartHook see an average 15% acceptance rate on offers and a 10% boost in total revenue. Merchants increase their AOV by over 30% on average when they present great offers their shoppers accept.

Why you can deliver the best post-purchase offers with CartHook

It's easy to create real post-purchase offers directly in your native Shopify checkout with CartHook. You can get started quickly. Build your customized offer funnels in minutes. You can make as many funnels as you like.

Start with the sophisticated offer display criteria, which lets you target specific customers with your post-purchase offers. You can decide when you want to display a funnel based on what was purchased, the initial order value, and product count.

Create up to two offers in each funnel. Let your customers choose quantities of the offer and you set the discount. When you have multiple funnels with overlapping priorities, you can choose which one to display.

Customize your offers to match your brand and your customers. Post-purchase offers automatically inherit your brand theme from your Shopify store, so your offers always reflect your brand. Use templates to customize the layout of each offer. You can choose where to place your CTAs, timers, and product descriptions.

Key features of CartHook Post Purchase Offers

  • Works with the native Shopify checkout and is Shopify Plus Certified
  • Customers accept with one click—there's no need to re-enter shipping or billing info
  • Offers are triggered based on a key data point: what your customer just purchased
  • Add a second upsell or downsell in each offer funnel with accept/decline logic
  • Upsells automatically match your brand by inheriting the look of your Shopify theme
  • Offers look great on desktop and mobile devices
  • Offer subscriptions as an upsell using a Shopify subscription app like Recharge
  • Track sales with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and 3rd party tracking pixels
  • A/B test your offers to maximize conversions

Upsell strategies used by top Shopify brands

Often—the best strategy is to keep it simple. Have a hero product? Offer it as an upsell to all purchases and watch your AOV increase.

Top Shopify stores see big results with these upsell strategies:

  • Bundle: offer conditioner if you customer bought shampoo
  • BOGO: offer a second item of what your customer just purchased
  • Volume: offer a discounted item to customers who purchased multiple items
  • Inventory management: move extra items with discounts
  • Samples: introduce new products, mini sizes, or limited-edition products
  • Subscriptions: Offer a subscription and turn a one-time customer into a repeat buyer
Subscription offer

How can you get started?

Try our 14-day free trial! Set up as many funnels as you want and see how it works. This is your chance to learn what resonates with your Shopify customers.

Curious about pricing? Choose from multiple pricing options, including tiered enterprise pricing designed to ensure 100x ROI. That's ideal for new and high-volume stores alike.

You can count on our expert live chat support when you need it, and we'll always get back to you within one business day. 

We can't wait for you to join the top Shopify brands and Shopify Plus stores who're using CartHook to increase their AOV and revenue! Join this crew and let us help you create post-purchase offers your customers will love.

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