Optimize Your Shopify Sales Funnels With CartHook and Expand Your Conversion Opportunity

The best Shopify stores have a conversion rate of 1.4%, with the highest performing Shopify stores having a rate of 3.3%

The key to improving your conversion rate is understanding and optimizing your Shopify sales funnel.

Your sales funnel helps to explain how your store attracts, persuades, and finally converts visitors into paying customers.

In this article, we’ll cover Shopify sales funnels so you can create an easier shopping experience that will turn more visitors into buyers, including how to optimize one-click upsell funnels that will boost your AOV.

What is a Shopify sales funnel?

Your Shopify sales funnel, also known as a purchase funnel, comprises all the steps your new customers took to discover your ecommerce business, place a purchase, and continue interacting with your store in the post-purchase phase.

From the initial awareness stage to the consideration phase, and finally becoming a brand advocate, your Shopify sales funnel will help you visualize each step of the customer journey new web visitors take to convert into paying customers.

What is a Shopify mini-sales funnel?

One of the most popular forms of a “mini” sales funnel is the upsell funnel.

The upsell funnel is a special offer targeted to potential customers at the end of their shopping experience, right after the checkout page, but right before the final “thank you” order confirmation page.

Essentially, an upsell funnel is a last-chance opportunity to persuade new customers to place an additional product or two in their shopping carts before finalizing their order.

Usually, upsell funnels are presented as “one-click” upsell funnels, showing special promotions that the customer can either accept or decline with just one click, easily boosting the average order value (AOV) of their shopping cart.

4 ways to optimize ecommerce sales funnels at the checkout stage

To drive more sales with your Shopify store, you’ll need to optimize your checkout page to reduce card abandonment—the leading cause of revenue loss for Shopify merchants.

The average cart abandonment rate is around 70%, meaning that 7 out of every 10 shoppers will leave your store before placing their purchase!

Of the many reasons shoppers abandon their carts, the main reasons are:

  • Shopping costs are too high
  • An account is required to finalize the order
  • The checkout process is too long or confusing
  • Too many upsells during the pre-purchase phase frustrate or annoy customers
  • Prices are unclear
  • Visitors don’t trust the website’s security or connection 

However, there are steps you can take to limit cart abandonment, such as:

Offer post-purchase offers that reward customers for reaching price thresholds

The main cause of cart abandonment is because of high prices, but if you can reward your potential customers for spending more, they’re more likely to complete their checkout.

For example, create upsell funnels that offer your customers a perceived great deal, such as “20% off special item after spending more than $100.”

Using CartHook, you can create unlimited upsell funnels that automatically display to customers based on their shopping cart’s value or contents. 

This way, when customers spend more money than usual, they can be rewarded by receiving discounts on special items, making them more likely to follow through with their orders.

Giving visitors more options to place their orders

Does your ecommerce store allow customers to checkout their orders without signing up for an account? If not, you may be missing out on 23% of your sales revenue!

While it can be tempting to allow for mandatory account signups to complete orders, you may actually be turning more customers away than what you’ll make back in follow-up sales from email newsletter sign-ups.

Additionally, if you use the Shopify app UpOrder, you can continue to make more upsells through post-purchase emails by placing product recommendations inside order confirmation and shipping confirmation emails.

Because these transactional emails receive a higher open rate than promotional mail, you’ll still be able to communicate with people who check out as guests on your website.

Not bombarding customers with upsells before checkout

It can be tempting to show upsells and cross-sells to your customers before checkout, but showing too many ads and pop-ups during the shopping experience can turn customers away from your store, risking cart abandonment.

However, by showing customer targeted upsells in the post-purchase stage immediately after checkout, there is zero risk of cart abandonment!

If your customers decline these one-click upsells, the order will not be affected at all, and will still be placed as usual. However, if your customer accepts the post-purchase offer, these items will automatically be added to their carts before finalizing their order.

Activating SSL certificate for Shopify website for improved security

If your Shopify checkout page isn’t displaying a security badge such as McAfee, Better Business Bureau, or an SSL certificate, your customers will be wary of entering their credit card information.

Adding security badges to your checkout page will add social proof and legitimacy to make your customers feel comfortable enough to follow through with their purchases.

4 tips to optimize your one-click post-purchase funnel offers

Placing a one-click upsell in the post-purchase stage of the entire buying process ensures there’s no risk of cart abandonment while giving you more opportunities to cross-sell more items to your customers.

Follow these tips to improve your post-purchase conversion rates to boost average order values (AOV) and drive more sales.

1. Create a sense of urgency with a count-down timer

When showing your last-minute upsell funnels, add a sense of urgency to create a fear of missing out (FOMO).

By showing a discounted price on a relevant product suggestion, your customer will be more inclined to accept that offer if they know it’s a limited-time offer.

Using CartHook, you can adjust the countdown timer to nudge customers to act quickly, with 3-5 minutes being the suggested time frame.

2. Create and prioritize your best post-purchase offers

Your one-click post-purchase offers are automatically displayed and triggered by the items in your customer’s shopping cart, displaying targeted upsells based on what your customer is buying. 

Sometimes, multiple items in the shopping cart will trigger multiple different post-purchase offers to show. 

To adjust this, Shopify merchants can prioritize which post-purchase offers have the highest priority, ensuring the preferred post-purchase offers are shown to customers placing orders with several items.

3. Craft calls-to-action (CTA) and product descriptions that convert

CartHook allows store owners to write their own calls-to-action and product descriptions in their post-purchase offers, allowing them to find the right trigger words and language that will resonate best with their customers.

4. Monitor and A/B test your upsell funnels to find what deals work best

Experiment with your upsell funnels by A/B testing them against each other, using different variations of the same post-purchase offers to see which ones convert better.

For example, changing the wording of your CTA or product description can have a huge impact on its ability to convert customers into accepting the one-click upsell.

Using CartHook’s built-in analytics tool, merchants can see their conversion rates, AOV values, and revenue to track their post-purchase offers’ success rates.

Download CartHook — optimize your checkout sales funnel 

CartHook is a Shopify app that builds post-purchase upsell funnels that customers can accept with just one click!

By placing post-purchase offers after the checkout page, but before the final “thank you” page, Shopify merchants can increase sales revenue by 10%.

Because these offers are shown after checkout, there’s zero risk of cart abandonment and a 15% conversion rate of customers accepting their upsell offers.

Download a free 14-day trial of CartHook today and get your Shopify upsell funnels up and running today.

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