Post Purchase Offers That Will Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More

The best time to turn your first-time customer into a repeat customer is right after the Shopify checkout page. Use targeted upsells and downsells to get them to add just one or two more items to their shopping carts.

These post-purchase offers are presented to customers at a pivotal time—right after they have pressed the “complete purchase” button on the checkout page, but before they have reached the final order confirmation page.

By using a third-party app such as CartHook, Shopify merchants are finding they can boost sales revenue by an additional 10% using targeted post-purchase offers.

What is a post-purchase offer? 

Post-purchase offers are targeted product recommendations, upsells, and cross sells presented to your customer immediately after they have completed their checkout.

They’re usually presented as a pop-up window recommending a specific product to add to their order.

Typically, post-purchase offers are automated using third-party apps that integrate with Shopify’s platform, such as CartHook. They promote personalized product recommendations after the customer has completed the checkout page. 

These types of offers are called one-click post-purchase upsells.

What is a one-click offer? 

A one-click post-purchase offer is a targeted upsell presented to your customer right after they have submitted their credit card information, but right before they have completed their purchase.

The one-click upsell will appear as a pop-up window on your customer’s screen offering them a limited-time offer that they can either accept or decline in one click.

For example, let’s say a customer is just about to complete their purchase of running shoes and shorts from your Shopify store.

After they have completed their checkout order, a pop-up window recommending a 5-pack of running socks will appear on their screen. 

If your customer accepts the offer, the promoted item will automatically be added to their cart, increasing the average order value (AOV). 

Once your customer has accepted the first offer, you may show your customer one more additional offer, such as a water tumbler.

Because post-purchase offers are shown immediately after the checkout process, they have absolutely no effect on cart abandonment—regardless if your customer accepted or declined the offer, their order will still be completed as usual.

How does customer post-purchase behavior affect sales?

After completing the online purchase, your customers will be feeling a euphoric glow from the excitement of shopping. This is the perfect time to upsell them on more products before they’ve left your online store.

Because your upsell offer is shown after they’ve completed their checkout page, your customers will be more receptive to their purchasing decision, especially if it’s relevant and personalized to their order. 

“What’s one more item to the order? Why not!?” 

Where can you include a post-purchase offer?

Post-purchase offers can occur at any stage after the initial purchase has been placed. Typically post-purchase offers are displayed on the store’s website or in follow-up emails with your customers.

Checkout page

Using the Shopify app CartHook, store merchants can place one-click purchase offers on their website after the checkout page.

Because customer excitement is high after their order has been completed, there’s a 15% chance your customer will take you up on their targeted upsell!

Transactional emails (order confirmations and shipping confirmation emails)

The second best place for post-purchase offers are through transactional emails following your customer’s purchase, such as order confirmations and shipping confirmation emails.

Because these types of confirmation emails receive drastically higher open rates than standard promotional emails, they’re the best place to include targeted offers.

Using the Shopify app UpOrder, store merchants can design transactional email templates that automatically embed targeted and personalized product recommendations for each customer based on their shopping history and recent orders.

Keep them coming back for more: 9 of the best post-purchase offer tips and strategies

The best time to turn your initial customer into a repeat customer is immediately after they’ve placed their first purchase. Why wait, right?

Selling to existing customers is also easier, around 70% easier than selling to new customers, which is why these offers should be included in your customer retention plan.

Let’s review the best tips and strategies to craft the best offers that your customers can’t say no to!

1. Personalize the offer and make it relevant to what they’ve just bought

Using CartHook, you can set up different upsell “funnels”, or post-product offers, that automatically recommend the most relevant products based on your customer’s shopping history, meaning you’re not recommending products they’ve already bought.

2. Add a countdown timer and a special discount to create FOMO

Most post-purchase upsells are “limited-time offers” that are shown with a countdown timer to prompt your customer to make a quick decision.

Typically, a 3-5 minute timer is used to remind customers their special offer won’t last forever. 

And because your offer will be discounted, there’s a perceived advantage to acting quickly that may result in an additional upsell to your customer’s order.

3. Use a personalized discount code

In your post-purchase email offers, include a personalized, limited-used discount code that uses your customer’s first name, e.g. “ALICIA20OFF.”

Using the Shopify email template app UpOrder, you can automatically use each customer’s imputed name to create promo codes for every single one of your customers.

4. Set the criteria to recommend the right products to the right people

When designing your post-purchase upsell funnels in CartHook, you can choose which products or product collections to show to customers based on what they just purchased, the value of their cart, and the product count.

For example, if your customer has spent over $150, you can show them a special limited-time offer for reaching that price threshold to reward them for shopping with you.

5. Show up to two different post-purchase offers (a cross-sell and a downsell)

With CartHook, you have the option to show up to two different offers to your customers.

Strategically, you can play around with displaying a complementary product recommendation first (cross-sell), and then showing a secondary item, such as a product sample if they didn’t accept the first offer (downsell).

6. Prioritize the offers

When designing your funnels, a customer’s order may trigger different product recommendations.

In these instances, you can prioritize your offers to automatically choose which product offers to show to your customers.

For example, if you have a best-selling product or a surplus of a particular product, you can prioritize those over others to control your inventory.

7. Match your store’s colors and branding to your offers

Your one-click upsell pop-up window should match your store’s look to make it appear native and non-intrusive to your customers.

By using CartHook, your post-purchase offers will automatically inherit your branded theme from your Shopify checkout page.

8. Customize CTAs and product descriptions

Have a clever copywriter on staff? If so, they’ll love the ability to craft their own unique calls-to-action (CTA) and product descriptions for each post-purchase offer to find those trigger words or phrases that will resonate with your customers.

Not sure which CTA works best? A/B test your post-purchase offers to see which colors or trigger words your customers respond best to.

9. Measure your results and continue building out post-purchase funnels

Your key to optimizing your sales figures through post-purchase offers lies in CartHook’s built-in analytics tool.

Now, you can view revenue figures, track AOV, and monitor conversion rates to see exactly which post-purchase offers were successful, and which weren’t. Then continue experimenting and crafting the best post-purchase offers that bring in the most sales to your company.

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